1-year-old boy killed by bullet in downtown Pittsburgh identified by coroner


1-year-old boy killed by bullet in downtown Pittsburgh identified by coroner

PITSBURG – A 1-year-old boy was shot and killed in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon.

During a press conference that followed the shooting, officials said the shooting was a targeted incident. The child was not the intended target, but a passenger in the car was the target. Officials said residents should not feel unsafe at this time.

The boy was identified as DeAery Thomas.

According to a release from the Pittsburgh Police Department, the shooting took place around 2:44 p.m.

Officials at the scene said the shooting was the result of gunfire from a car, and a bullet went out of the window of a jeep, wounding the child. He was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

“I don’t think you can say it can be worse when a child is killed, or anyone else is killed,” said Kristen Zeit, the Pittsburgh Police Chief of Sixth District. Our cities, and any loss of life is tragic.”

Witness Greg Damjanovic heard six gunshots.

“My wife and I ran towards the window,” Damjanovic said. “We just saw the mother getting out of her jeep crying, shoot my baby, shoot my baby!”

There is no information on any possible suspects. Officials said investigators identified the vehicle they believed the suspect was driving later on Sunday.

During the press conference, Mayor Ed Jenny vowed to take action.

“I want to show our city that we are going to do everything we can to make this summer safe, especially for our children,” said Jenny. These acts of violence will not hold our city hostage. Enough is enough. We will carry the full weight and strength of our common resources to bear it and ensure that the most violent actors are removed from our streets.”

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