Aaron Donald ‘feels at peace’ with possible retirement, but wants to get back the feeling of winning the Super Bowl


Aaron Donald He currently stands as the highest-paid intramural defensive line man with an average annual salary earmarked for inflation only.

Pledging to return for a second consecutive Super Bowl run, Donald has yet to sign a deal commensurate with his market value. Yes, he’s already making the most annually in the position, but that’s not by a huge margin, and there are five forwards on the edge that make more than one of the best defensive players ever to play, regardless of position.

He’s also a recent hero, and he’s quite content to get away with. It’s important to note, as Donald explained while appearing on Brandon Marshall’s “I’m an Athlete” podcastThis is not some surprising play of leverage.

“It’s not about the money, but it’s ultimately a business,” Donald said. “That’s what you have to see. For me, it’s about winning. I don’t want to play football if I can’t win anyway, so I feel like if I ever get a real chance to win another Super Bowl, then it makes sense to play. But once in a while. Others, this is still a business. And we have to deal with the business side of things, and if that’s not dealt with, you know, that’s the kind of situation. You’ll be fine regardless.

“But I’m talking about retirement, that was before we won the Super Bowl. I was saying that since I got into the league I’ve been going to play eight years and do that. That’s exactly what I was saying he just came out and then everyone thought, ‘Oh, he said that if He won the Super Bowl and he will retire. “Nah, I have my teammates, coaches, and my family who know about it. I said I would play eight years, and I would probably finish playing football.”

Donald reached that eight-year mark in 2021 and posted another impressive season, finishing 12.5 sacks, four forced tackles, 84 tackles (19 for a loss) and 64 running backs (sixth-most in the league among all defenders, in the next generation. statistics). It was all good enough for his seventh All-Pro selection for the first team, his eighth trip to the Pro Bowl and, frankly, a pay raise.

Had Donald not finally reached the top of the mountain, this might not be a topic for discussion. Sure, he’s still outperforming his current contract based on the current market, but this victory on the SoFi court seems to have given him the itch he may always have to scratch.

Donald told Marshall, a former cornerback Adam Jones And the previous run backwards Lisan McCoy. “I’m not going to lie. I want to feel it again. That experience is like no other. If I’m going to play it’s just to win another Super Bowl, but at the end of the day, it’s still a business and it should make sense to me and my family.”

In the event that the business side of things collapses, Donald has made it clear that it’s okay to walk away, giving away $14.25 million in money he’s set to receive from base salary ($9.25 million) and an existing bonus ($5 million) in 2022. That’s That number is simply too low, and Donald Marshall, McCoy and Jones have told he is “at peace” with quitting football.

However, the lure of the pursuit of glory catches the eye of many. The only feeling better than winning everything in the end is doing it all over again (and again, and again, if you’re a 12th ranker).

“Once you’re in that moment, it’s different. It’s different,” Donald said. …”There’s no other feeling like it. When I talk about me saying I’ll be done in eight years, but then you’re going to experience something like that, it’s like, ‘I want to do everything I can to experience it again.’ Now I understand why Tom Brady You can play this game for a long time, because this guy won Seven who are they.”

It will likely cost Rams North $30 million a year to persuade Donald to come back for a shorter term than the latest six-year extension signed in 2018. Yes, one of the greatest games ever played is worth $30 million a year. Just play the Super Bowl LVI tape to find your guide.