Amber Heard recounts the alleged threat of Johnny Depp to “sculpt my face” with a broken bottle; Testimony in $50 Million Trial Turns into 5 Pirates Movie Under Update

Second update, 12:49 PM: “He told me he’d cut my face off,” Amber Heard He told a Fairfax County jury that a bottle weld was broken Johnny Depp He told her in a brawl between the couple in Australia in March 2015.

Revealing that she herself smashed a bottle that her new husband and not all so sober were supposed to make fun of, Heard confirmed that Depp tore off her nightgown, tossed at least one glass, and let her slip naked on a floor of broken glass. She added that Pirates of the Caribbean The actor was yelling at her “he hates me and I ruined his life” while punching the wall next to her. At another point, Heard said Depp was on top of her, yelling and “grabbed me by the neck.”

“I’m going to kill you, he said it over and over,” Heard told Depp, yelling at her as he allegedly pierced her with a bottle “again and again” during that time in Australia. Heard asked her attorney, Elaine Breedhoft, not to intrude too much, and she explained the accident, the bruises, bloody cuts, and much more that she said she suffered.

Besides allegations of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, Heard and her legal team have confirmed that Depp sexually assaulted the actress repeatedly during their relationship. Depp denied all these allegations.

“I’ve never been so afraid in my life,” the actress wailed between sighs on the podium before Judge Benny Azkart, the jury, Depp, lawyers and others from another clash between the couple. “I was trying to tell him he really hurt me, and I don’t think he knew what he was doing,” Heard said, before collapsing into the courtroom. “I couldn’t breathe.”

Waking up to a bloodstained, blue-and-brown house, with an “incoherent” letter and what I thought was its name, and stained food everywhere, I heard on Thursday paint a now-familiar picture of the devastation wrought on jurors since the trial began April 11.

“He’s not there anymore, it wasn’t Johnny,” she said of the expressions on her husband’s face that day as she “discovered” that Depp had lost part of his finger.

Depp’s deeply hurt number has always been a reflection of the rift in the couple’s divorced relationship in 2016 and this much-delayed trial. Both sides say the other was responsible for the infection that halted production of Disney’s fifth Pirates movie. On the stage, Heard said that after Depp got angry outside the dorm for “sending more messages,” a nurse tried to give her medication to calm her down.

“I just remember being scared… I didn’t know what the hell was going on,” Heard continued, telling the court that shortly thereafter she grabbed everything she could and left Australia.

From the shocking testimony of Aquaman Star this afternoon in a Virginia courtroom, beginning that time in March 2015 while Depp was working on a rockstar shoot for Dead men don’t tell tales It was a relentless round of fighting between the pair. Strategically, Heard’s defense team uses their client’s testimony to try to defuse Depp’s assertion that he was the abuser in the relationship by putting her actions and outbursts into reactive mode.

Using language the jury had previously heard from the podium and on audio tapes, Heard alleged that Depp insulted her, calling her a “fat” and a “whore” and saying no one in his circle liked her. Among all of that, there seemed to be one violent physical confrontation after another with a seemingly angry and under the influence of a deep strangling of her, he pushed her towards the walls, threw her on the floor and ‘hit me in the face’.

At one point, Heard shouted “fight” and apparently fighting in search of Depp yelled at her, “You wanna go, little girl!”

Heard also detailed his alleged anger on the phone, telling Heard’s attorney from Australia that “the only way out of this is death.” The former Academy Award nominee made an ominous statement to a lawyer who was hired by Heard to review documents related to the couple’s recent marriage. In the same call, Depp fired Heard’s then-lawyer

“I’m back in the shredding unit,” Heard said bluntly.

Earlier on Thursday, for the first time since his ex-wife took the stage, a shaky Depp took off his sunglasses with a sultry look on his face as Heard broke down in tears as he recalled an alleged violent incident in Tokyo around January 205. Mortdecai movie premiere.

However, Depp looked aside for a brief moment to draw a smile with a closed mouth to his right where attorney Ben Qiu was sitting. Soon after, as Heard described the couple’s private and semi-private 2015 wedding, an angry Depp sprang from writing on the table in front of him and bowed to whisper to Chew. Later, as evidence of the wreckage and fallout of a March 2015 battle at a rented home in Australia was published on courtroom screens, Depp repeatedly chewed gum with Chew, sometimes pointing at the screen directly in front of him.

Sure enough, wrapping up the final day of the trial until May 16, Heard will be back for more testimony after the current court recess.

First update, 10:10 a.m.: On the 15th day of Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against Amber Heard, it was Aquaman The star told a Virginia courtroom how things are between her and Pirates of the Caribbean The actor “wasn’t really well…I was just taking care of his mood” during his 2014 detox from Oxycontin.

“I said something to him, he got really angry and slapped me in the face,” Heard said, sometimes crying and breaking voice on Thursday, the second day of her testimony. “But he was so weird, he was crying… No woman has embarrassed me like that,” the actress added, as Depp was sitting near his lawyer.

Although at some point, as Heard described events in the Bahamas eight years ago, Depp became quite mobile and inclined to attorney Ben Chiu. At another crossroads, as he did yesterday, Depp laughed and laughed like a schoolboy with Chiu as today’s Heard described the increasingly controlling behavior Depp showed on her. Specifically, Heard described the criteria he demanded it meet to be in the 2015 released Magic Mike XXL

Recalling the detox in the Bahamas, to which Heard stated, “I have taken such a deep interest in the well-being of this human being… It was so bewildering and so frightening,” referring to the praises Depp gave her. “He told me all the time that I saved his life, he wouldn’t do it without me,” she said. Later, when Depp’s lawyers released them with the continual array of objections and “rumours” calls, Heard’s lead attorney Eileen Breedhoft submitted a post-detox script to Heard in which the actor called on his partner “Angel” to help him.

“He didn’t have to deal with cleaning… he never had to deal with my face the next day,” Heard, sobbing, told the court later in her testimony.

During her short time on the platform thus far, Heard has brought a number of allegations of abuse, in many forms, against Depp – including sexual assault. The Black mass The actor’s drug and alcohol abuse is at the heart of most of those allegations, with Depp turning into a self-described “monster” when under his influence. “I’m a savage,” Deep Heard wrote in a December 18, 2018 text.

Heard explained to Judge Benny Azcart, the jury and others in Fairfax County Court, that this “was the language he used after a particularly violent incident.” She added, “Sometimes I don’t think he understood how much he could physically hurt me,” admitting that she “yelled at him, I screamed at him… It was horrible.”

“I didn’t do anything that made him stop hitting me.”

Throughout the trial, which began on April 11, Depp and his various witnesses denied that the actor had a serious problem with alcohol and drugs. The claim that cocaine and other such forms had no actual effect on him — kind of undermining his point — Depp has dealt with opioid addiction, which he says he overcame. He also admitted that Heard was by his side during his detox in 2014 and was grateful for that.

However, from the moment he launched his March 2019 lawsuit against Heard during a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that the actress wrote about being a domestic violence survivor, Depp has denied that he mistreated Heard. Despite losing a 2020 UK defamation lawsuit against The Sun for calling him a “wife-beater”, Depp continues to claim he is a victim of domestic violence in his relationship with Heard – even though the couple’s public injunction was enforced in 2016. Divorce indicated otherwise.

The court is on lunch break now. Today is the last day the trial will be in session this week and will pause for the next week for a pre-scheduled conference that Judge Azkart will attend. Certification will resume again on May 16.

Previously, 8:56 a.m.: Amber Heard has claimed more instances of physical abuse by Johnny Depp today, and painted a picture of a dream relationship turning into a nightmare as the actor descended into bouts of drug and alcohol abuse.

Prior to Thursday’s morning break, the jury heard an audio recording that Heard said she and Depp took on a private flight on May 24, 2014 from Boston, where he heard Depp moaning. Heard said he locked himself in the bathroom and “started howling like an animal.”

Heard explained that she started the recording because “in my experience, when Johnny was drunk, he couldn’t remember what had been done.”

Depp Heard is suing for $50 million over the Washington Post op-ed she wrote in 2018, in which she said she had become a “public figure representing domestic violence.” Depp denies her allegations of domestic violence.

Heard, who responded, took the stand on Wednesday and has since been going through an account of their relationship, describing instances in which Depp has been physically abusing her.

She said on the May 2014 trip, Depp was upset because she was doing a movie with James Franco, whom he despised, and because she was having a love scene with him. At one point in the trip, Heard claimed that Depp started throwing ice cubes and utensils at her, “talking about how embarrassed I am.” She said she tried to avoid dealing with him, but “Johnny would come to me every time.”

“I was looking out the window and he slapped me in the face,” Heard said, looking at the jury most of the time during her testimony.

She said a friend was nearby, and although the slap “didn’t hurt” me, “I was embarrassed that he would do it in front of people.”

Then she said, when she went to go to the front of the plane, she turned away and “I feel this shoe in my back. They just kicked me… I said to myself. ‘I don’t know what to do.'” Nobody said anything. Nobody did anything. I was so embarrassed that he could do it in front of people.”

Heard also described an incident earlier that month, when they both attended the Met Gala. She said that at dinner, Depp thought she was “looking at this woman in a sexual way.”

She said Depp then pushed her into their hotel room and grabbed her by the area around her collarbone. She said she pushed him afterwards, “and he threw a bottle at me. She missed me but she broke the chandelier.” She said they then had a struggle in the living room and he pushed her on the sofa “and at one point he would hit me in the face.”

“I suspected that my nose was broken. Otherwise, I was relatively unharmed,” Heard said. As it turned out, she said, the color of her nose had changed.

Again, Depp made no eye contact with his ex and instead looked down and seemed to be writing.

Heard described how, in August 2013, when Depp applied for her, and the joy she felt. “I looked into his eyes and saw my future and hope, like blind hope.”

“I thought if we were married, it’s real, it’s not messy, it’s going to change,” she said.

The following March, they had an engagement party and invited a large group of family and friends. They walked in together but Depp “disappeared upstairs from almost the entire party”. Heard said he shared drugs with her father.

“My dad at the time was addicted to the same thing that Johnny was,” she said. At one point she said that her father left with Depp’s security guard to do drugs in West Hollywood.

“I tried to get Johnny to go downstairs, so he slapped me in the face, and verbally told me to shut the door,” Heard said. “I remember talking to my mom about making fun of it.”