Britney Grenier’s detention in Russia has been extended by a month, Russian official news reports

Greiner, which is owned by the US government He said he is being unjustly detained, citing the court’s press service, a court in Khimki outside Moscow ruled Friday, citing the court’s press service. An Associated Press photo showed that she had left Friday’s hearing in Khimki courthouse, handcuffed, and wearing an orange jacket with her head down.
Two-time Olympic gold medalist and star in Phoenix Mercury WNBA member, Griner, 31, was Arrested in February At Moscow airport. Russian authorities Greiner said she had hemp oil in her luggage She accused her of smuggling large quantities of narcotics – a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. She was playing for a Russian team in the WNBA off-season.
Russian court announced in March She had extended Greiner’s detention until mid-May. A source close to the situation told CNN at the time, that no trial date had been set.

The United States classified her as unjustly detained

The US State Department has Griner classified as unjustly detained In Russia, her case is being handled by the Office of the US Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, a State Department official confirmed to CNN last week. The office leads and coordinates the government’s diplomatic efforts aimed at releasing Americans unjustly detained abroad.

In addition to the work of the Biden administration, the Richardson Center, which advocates specifically for families of hostages and detainees, is working on behalf of the Greiner family in an effort to secure their release.

A spokesperson for the league said last week that the WNBA viewed the move by federal authorities to classify Greiner as unjustly detained as a “positive development and next step for her home repatriation.”

Griner was the first pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft and is one of the league’s best players of all time.

league which He started his 26th regular season last week Without Greiner, the seven-time star is honored with her initials and jersey number (42) on the sidelines of all 12 stadiums. The league said Grenier will also receive her full salary from the WNBA.

Last season, Grenier finished second in the vote for the Most Valuable Player award. The 6-foot-9 center led Mercury to the WNBA Finals, where Phoenix lost to Chicago Sky.