Carey, Thompson, Green defend Paul after Morante’s tip

The Golden State Warriors The Memphis Grizzlies blew up in Game Three of the Western Conference semifinal series, winning 142-112.

But the result was not the story then. Memphis star Ja Morant limped off the field late in the game, re-tangling the ball with Jordan Paul immediately He started a hot talk About whether Paul made a dirty play when he passed the ball and hit Morant’s knee.

Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins said Paul “tightened” Morant’s knee, not sure if it was on purpose. Morant tweeted, then deleted, hinting that Paul was on his way to hurting Memphis’ best player.

Meanwhile, Warriors players were not interested in litigating whether Paul had violated an unwritten rule. Stephen Curry was perhaps the most powerful in the post-match press. He said, “It’s no joke that Ja gets hurt. But the rest of that is BS.” He added, “Do you know the term hot stove call? That’s how it felt. Keep moving.”

In his press, Klay Thompson – who laughed when he was informed of Morant’s “code-breaking” tweet – As it was explained He didn’t want to indulge in what he thought were the artificial fears of the Grizzlies. He told reporters, “I had a knee injury. Jordan had no malicious intent. … He’s not here to hit people in the back of the head at breakfast breaks. We’re playing the game the right way.”

Draymond Green, usually Dubs’ most outspoken player, actually took the more diplomatic approach, albeit indicating that he didn’t think anything outrageous had happened. “It looked like they had hit their knee before [Poole] Until he arrived,” Green said. When asked about Morant’s now-deleted tweet, Greene actually objected: “I’m not going to sit here and take a stand. We have a basketball game to try to win on Monday.”

In fact they do. Game 4 is scheduled for Monday at Chase Center at 7 p.m.