Chris Paul is furious after claiming a fan interacts with his family during Suns-Mavericks

Chris Paul was outraged after a fan allegedly got physical with his mother and stepmother in the stands on Sunday in Dallas with The Suns Fall On The Mavericks In Game 4 From the NBA series.

“I want him to be a good player to say things to the fans but the fans can get their hands on our families….fk that!!” Paul tweeted after Phoenix’s 111-101 loss to Dallas at the American Airlines Center.

According to ESPN, Paul’s mother, Robin, got her hands on her by fans, and Jada, Paul’s wife, was pushed. The site also reported that Paul’s children witnessed the alleged incident and “felt very insecure”. The 37-year-old goalkeeper appeared in a video clip talking to security guards about his mother after the match.

“The Dallas Mavericks family is aware of an incident between a fan and Chris Paul’s family,” the Mavericks family said in a statement. It was unacceptable behavior and would not be tolerated. The Mavericks, along with American Airlines Center, quickly removed the fan from today’s game.”

There is also a video of a young fan and what appears to be his family being taken out of the ring with Paul angrily yelling at him, although it is unknown if this is the fan who allegedly became physical with Paul’s family.

Paul has five points, seven assists and one loss error.