DA declines to prosecute Dave Chappelle striker on felony charges


Isaiah Leethat’s the name Dave Chappelle The striker he dealt with during his comedy at the Hollywood Bowl a few days ago. At first, the comedian security men beat him until they beat him and even dislocated his arm. Chappelle refused to make this incident bigger than it already was because the primary focus should have been on the “Netflix is ​​a Joke” festival.

The best comedians from around the world gather at this huge festival to celebrate the art form and Dave won’t let that overshadow the action. However, his lawyers made accusations that were not yet known. As it turns out, this sets a precedent for anyone wanting to assault anyone on stage while they’re working without any consequences.

Chappelle’s attorney Gabriel Colwell spoke to the folks at the New York Post about what’s going on with this case being completely ignored as it is. Isaiah Lee committed a felony and should be accused of it, especially for carrying a weapon that seemed to surely kill someone.

In the photos released to the public, Lee appears to have had a mockup of a rifle that also turned into a knife and this is the weapon he was carrying at the moment Dave attacked. Colwell still cannot fathom that DA George Gascon refuses to prosecute Lee on any criminal charges, only on a misdemeanor.

What Colwell said about Chappelle striker?

Here’s what Colwell had to say: “It’s a parody of justice that DA [George] Gaskin refuses to prosecute this case as a felony. The attorney general, who brought the case, is doing his job but DA Gascn must also do his job and charge this as a felony. This was a violent assault perpetrated on an unsuspecting artist while he was performing in front of thousands of people at the historic Hollywood Bowl.

“The idea that [Lee] He was carrying a deadly weapon – it was a replica of a pistol with a knife in it – and this is a violent assault. Artists in Los Angeles need to know that this is a justice system that will protect them. There is no doubt here that when someone is violently assaulted by another person in possession of a lethal weapon, he should be charged with a felony.”