Dallas police believe 3 recent shootings of Asian-owned companies may be linked and motivated by hate


Police said the latest shooting took place on Wednesday at a Korean-owned hair salon. At the time, authorities said, a suspect entered the shop, shouted something and started shooting. Three women suffered injuries that were not life-threatening.

“At the time of the investigation, we had no indication that this crime was motivated by hate. As of this afternoon, that has changed,” the official said Friday.

After reviewing two other incidents, police now believe there is a link, in part because of the suspect’s car, the president said.

Police said a witness in Wednesday’s shooting described the suspect running back into an old-fashioned red minibus and sprinting away.

The police said that a day earlier, a suspect had passed by in a burgundy van or car and shot him at a business run by Asia. Three people were in the building but were not injured.

About a month before those incidents, on April 2, police said, a car drove past a mall of Asian-run shops in what witnesses described as a red minibus.

Garcia said Friday that Dallas police have reached out to partners including the FBI “out of great caution” to let them know their findings, and have also reached out to other agencies in Texas to see if there have been any other similar incidents. .

“To protect our community, we will use camera trailers in certain areas and have advised each patrol station to increase visibility patrols in areas of our Asian community,” Garcia said. “Most importantly, we appeal to every Dallas resident to monitor and protect our city. Hate has no place here.”

Authorities are also asking for community assistance in identifying the suspect.

So far, the Dallas police have described the suspect in Wednesday’s shooting as a “black man, about 5’7″ to 5’10” tall, with a slim build, curly hair of medium length and a bushy beard.

“We need to detain this person,” the president said. “We need to help our community.”

CNN’s Andy Rose contributed to this report.