Fatal accident in Nebraska: At least two dead and 19 injured after cars crash into a crowd of pedestrians


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Authorities in Lincoln, Nebraska, responded to a mass casualty incident Sunday evening, with at least two people dead and many more believed to be injured after several cars crashed and smashed into a crowd.

Two victims were declared dead at the scene, believed to be occupants of the vehicles, and 19 others were taken to hospital. Lincoln Police Department said.

“One of them is in a critical condition. It is believed that 18 other people are in a non-life-threatening condition at this time,” police said.

Lincoln Police Department car.  (Lincoln Police Department/Facebook)

Lincoln Police Department car. (Lincoln Police Department/Facebook)
(Lincoln Police Department/Facebook)

Videos posted online show a large fire arising from debris near an intersection South 52nd Street and O . Street, outside the Barnes & Noble Library, while many of them were dizzy and stumbled, and were fleeing the area. The contents of the videos have not been independently verified.

Lincoln Fire & Rescue officials are reported to be at the scene Extinguishing the fire and helping the victims.

Initial reports indicate that the accident occurred after a car was reported to have given a red light and collided with another vehicle and the two cars collided with the crowd.

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The accident appears to have taken place near the Americruise event, hosted by the Midwest Association of Motor Enthusiasts (MACE).

“All Memorial Day Weekend, hundreds of cars, bikes and trucks stream into Lincoln, NE to wander down O Street to show off rides and do some hiking! A description of the event.

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Many of the victims were treated at the scene while others were taken themselves to hospital, it was reported.

“We want to remind everyone that the police will be no stranger to this event, so please walk around at your own risk and be careful with those around you! There will be big crowds along O Street, and we don’t need anyone in the wreck or worse in the hospital!” the description continued.


Lincoln Police are urging people to avoid the area.

This is an evolving story. . Please check back for updates