Fox News’ Peter Dossey throws a curveball at Jen Psaki after she announced she was leaving the White House

One of the distinguishing features of Biden administration Press conferences were the constant party between Fox News White House Reporter / Gadfly Peter Dossey and press secretary Jin Psaki.

Doocy’s carefully designed quests often take sudden turns and seek to frame events in a way that is politically unfavorable to the administration. It’s supposed to spark a TV moment.

Psaki has made her mark in the briefing room with responses that are fact-packed, succinct and sometimes – especially to Doocy – a little bit choppy.

So with Psaki announcing that she’s leaving her position this month, Doocy once again tried to surprise her with the most disarming tactic ever: He played so well.

When the press secretary called him, Doocy began with, “Sorry to see you go.”

Psaki replied with a sideways look and bit: “Are you?” That sparked laughter across the briefing room, even from Doocy.

“Yes,” replied he, “and I’ve always been a good sport. On behalf of everyone,” he continued, waving his hand across the room, “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” she replied.

Doocy then fired his opening shot, “Do you think progressive activists who are planning protests outside some [Supreme Court] Extremist judges’ homes? “

Psaki replied curtly, and things were back to normal.