Francisco Lindor ‘sad’ to see Robinson Kano pursue ‘I will not be happy’ petition

Francisco Lindor wishes he had more time with Robinson Cano as his teammate, but said he “respects” the Mets’ decision. To recruit a combative veteran on Monday.

A day after the star shortstop said He wouldn’t be happy if the club gave up on Kano In order to shrink their roster to 26 by Monday’s deadline, the Mets followed the decision.

“Sad,” Lindor said afterwards. The Mets fell to the Braves 5-2 at Citi Field. “I didn’t want to see him go, but I respect the team’s decision. He’s a great guy, a great teammate. Wish me [could] Spend more time with him, keep learning about the game and the different things he has been through in life. But at the end of the day, I’m with the New York Mets and I respect their decision.”

The move was expected to resonate at the club, where the 39-year-old Kanu was so well-liked, but Lindor said it was hard to tell on Monday because the players received a late report and then quickly turned their attention to the game at once. They arrived at Citifield.

But Lindor spoke to Kano on Sunday night after he received the news.

“I’m sure he was sad,” said Lindor. But life goes on. … There are still a few days [until Cano’s fate is resolved, likely with the Mets releasing him]So we’ll see what happens.”

Lindor and Kanu were teammates for only one season, although Kano was not around the team at all last year while suspended due to performance-enhancing drugs. However, Lindor said he’s learned a lot from the eight-time All-Star team that has featured in the major tournaments since 2004.

Robinson Kano talks with Francisco Lindor at the Mets’ bunker on Sunday.
Robert Sabo

“He’s patient,” Lindor said. “He has a lot of patience and he is very humble. A happy guy. He always had a different story every day. You knew where Kano was because he was either laughing out loud or telling a story really loudly. Wherever he goes, I wish him nothing but the best.”