Fred Savage pulled out of The Wonder Years edition after allegations of misconduct

Fred Savage has been fired as director and executive producer for a remake of the American sitcom The Wonder Years after complaints of misconduct.

Former child actor Savage starred as protagonist Kevin Arnold on the original series in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

The beloved series rebooted in 2021, starring Elisha “AJ” Williams as main character Dean Williams and Don Cheadle as narrator in the show.

In a report from Deadline, the 20th TV producer said it was aware of the allegations against Savage and opened an investigation.

Subsequently, the decision was reportedly made to terminate his employment.

“We recently became aware of allegations of inappropriate behavior by Fred Savage, and as with policy, an investigation has been launched,” the company said in a statement shared with the US Trade Bulletin.

Upon its completion, the decision was made to terminate his tenure as executive producer and director of The Wonder Years.

No further details of the complaints were shared.

Savage is also known for other TV series including Boy Meets World, The Grinder and Friends From College, and movies like The Princess Bride, Vice Versa, and Austin Powers: Goldmember.

According to Deadline, The Wonder Years remake hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, but it’s still in dispute.