Gilbrand: Abortion rights advocates are in ‘biggest battle of a generation’

“Each of us stands up, speaks up, rallies, walks, speaks to our constituents, and raises their voices and their stories,” Gillibrand said. CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union”“This is the biggest fight of a generation, Jake.”

“This is a key moment to advocate and not give up. So what I’m doing and what many of my colleagues are doing is pushing for a vote next week,” she added. “We will be aggressive with all of our colleagues and with our Republican allies to vote for the legalization of Roe v. Wade. We are not giving up and we will never give up and we will keep fighting and if the American people are paying attention, then the issue will be on the ballot in November.”

Last week, a Leaked opinion draft Written by Conservative Judge Samuel Alito, it showed that the court was willing to overturn Roe v. Wade in a case relating to the Mississippi abortion law banning abortion in the fifteenth week of pregnancy.
Senate Democrats plan to introduce it to the Senate floor this week Legislation to legalize abortion rights. The bill, known as the Women’s Health Protection Act, would need at least 60 votes to overcome Republican obstruction. In the evenly divided Senate, 10 Republican senators would be required to vote in favor of the measure if all Democrats voted for it. This is not expected.

Gillibrand pushed Sunday for a Senate rule change to get rid of the obstruction, telling Tapper: “The argument that if we remove stalling, (Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell and Republicans across the country are going to do bad things, these bad things are already happening.” .

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut predicted Sunday that if Republicans win the Senate in November, “they will definitely pass a national abortion ban.”

“They got rid of the stalling that Supreme Court justices face for the express purpose of appointing the court justices who would bring down Roe v. Wade,” he said in an interview with Fox. “So I think it’s natural to assume that they would also change the rules to pass a national abortion ban if they win control of the Senate in this upcoming election.”

According to Alito’s draft, the court would void Roe v. Wade’s federal constitutional right to abortion. Under current law, the government cannot interfere with a woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy before about 23 weeks, when the fetus can live outside the womb.

A final opinion on the case is expected later this spring or early summer.

This story was updated with additional details on Sunday.