GOP candidate Kathy Barnett has a long history of bigoted statements against gays and Muslims

in one talk Uploaded to YouTube in 2015Barnett argued forcefully that it was acceptable to discriminate against Muslims and compared the rejection of Islam to “…a rejection of Hitler or Stalin’s world views.” In comments on her radio show, she said that accepting homosexuality would lead to acceptance of incest and pedophilia. One post she wrote described a transgender person as “disfigured” and “diabolical”.
Barnett It has risen in recent polls in the upcoming Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary, putting her in a quandary between Donald Trump-backed former TV star Muhammed Oz and former hedge fund manager David McCormick. The Pennsylvania Senate seat is one of the best meeting opportunities for Democrats this novemberThe sudden rapid rise of Barnett causes anxiety among Trump allies.
Barnett saw a rapid and unexpected rise in opinion polls ahead of next Tuesday’s primary. Best known as an Army Reserve veteran and conservative political commentator, she appeared regularly on Fox, and was previously a host Christian radio program It’s called the “Truth Exchange”, which also had a website where she occasionally blogged. She previously ran for Congress in 2020 in Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district but lost to Democratic Representative Madeleine Dean.

Barnett’s campaign did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

homophobic comments

In posts and comments on her radio show, Barnett has repeatedly condemned being gay and transgender.

“Two men sleeping together, two men holding hands, two men cuddling, it’s not normal”, She said on her radio show in July 2015when the Supreme Court ruling paved the way for same-sex marriage.

On the same show, Barnett argued that accepting same-sex marriage would lead to a “slippery slope” to accepting incest and child sexual abuse, in an episode that was deleted from her SoundCloud page after CNN’s KFile reached out to Barnette’s campaign for comment.

“If love is the true test, then who are we to say, well, your love is lawful love, same-sex couples, but your love, father and daughter, is not lawful. Or your love, one man and three women, is not lawful, or an old man and a child of puberty From the age of 12. If love is the real test, it becomes a very slippery slope. And that is where we find ourselves today.”

In one post in 2015Barnett attacked transgender former reality star and Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner as “disfigured” and “satanic”, while attacking what she called a “barrage of normalizing sexual perversion.” In comments in the same post, Barnett warned against “taking over” the “gay agenda”.
employment Another offer Meanwhile, Barnett hosted “Two ex-gays” to show “the true story behind all the happy ‘gay’ pictures we see, and the redemptive story of God in each of their lives.” One conversation appeared Chair of Parents and Friends of Ex-LGBT (PFOX). In one post from 2010Barnett wrote, “The Gay Agenda” seeks “hegemony.” at Last in 2013Barnett said America could not live with a “homosexual agenda.”

“The aggressive homosexual agenda is coming soon at your kitchen table,” she wrote.

Anti-Muslim opinions

at Tweets and publications, Barnett has repeatedly targeted Islam and Muslims. In one post, on her website, Barnett shared an apparently fake photo of a Muslim man holding a sign in front of the ruins of the World Trade Center. so he said“Vote Democrat! We need your help to kill you.”
Speaking in December 2015In a letter posted online, Barnett argued that it was acceptable to discriminate against Muslims and Islam, comparing it to the rejection of the worldviews of Stalin and Hitler, leaders who discriminated against and ordered the killing of millions of people – including Jews, disabled people, Slavs and gay men.

“You are not racist if you reject Islam, or if you reject Muslims, because they are not a race of people. They are a special viewpoint. They are people with a special view of the world, and we have the right to discriminate against worldviews.” “We discriminated against Nazi Germany’s world view, right? That was a view of the world. This is how he saw the world around him. We discriminated against him. We rejected him. We rejected Stalin’s … world view, right?? “.

“We have the right to discriminate against worldviews because not all views are morally equal,” she added. “All opinions are not equal. So we have the right to reject them. And let me just say offhand, I reject how Muslims see the world.”

She tweeted in 2015There is nothing rational in Islam. in another place I wrote“Child sexual abuse is the cornerstone of Islam.”

In 2019, Barnett attacked Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan for her comments about Trump, tweeting that she was a “Muslim” in all caps.

“Aren’t you all glad that you voted in the first ‘public’ Palestinian Muslim? (sarcasm, you who don’t mock),” Barnett Books.

Conspiracy theories spread: Obama was a Muslim

Barnett too often shared Conspiracy theory that Obama is a Christian Muslim. One tweet mocked Obama As a Muslim or from another country.

On her radio program and in her speeches, Barnett frequently called Obama by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, apparently to imply that he was a Muslim.

“We have a president in office now, Barack Hussein Obama,” She said in 2015 in a speech. “I try to name his name as often as possible. I think at some point a lightbulb will go off in someone’s head.”
“Don’t we understand? Obama is a Muslim!” Read 1 tweet in January 2016.
“Obama is a Muslim. Do like Muslims like things!” Read 1 Tweet 2016. 1 tweet in 2015 He called him “the Muslim Obama.”