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atch out, spoilers for Home of the Dragon episodes 1 and a pair of beneath

Home of the Dragon wasted no time in ramping up the drama. Launching final week, and pulling in a document variety of premiere viewing figures, audiences have been catapulted again to Westeros, King’s Touchdown and the Crimson Hold in a matter of minutes.

So was the present capable of preserve its momentum in episode 2? Did Prince Daemon and King Viserys have one other face-off? Was there one other ugly cesarean by any probability (you may breathe extra simply – there wasn’t)?

In our second detailed episode breakdown, we share a blow-by-blow account of all the things that went down yesterday.

Crabs, anybody?

Nobody likes a grisly episode opening fairly like HoD director Miguel Sapochnik. Episode two opens on a seashore the place crabs are feasting on some poor bloke’s open wounds – he’s been tied to a publish. When the digital camera zooms out we see that he’s not the one one to fulfill such an unlucky finish. It looks as if a complete hoard of ill-fated sailors will depart this mortal coil as Crustaceans’ afternoon snacks.

The digital camera shortly zaps over to King’s Touchdown, the capital of the Six Kingdoms. There’s a council assembly and the now acquainted board – the king, Princess Rhaenyra (pouring wine and nosing in on the dialog), Hand of the King Otto Hightower, the knight Ser Harrold Westerling, Lord Lyonel Robust, Grand Maester Mellos and Lord Lyman Beesbury – are chatting in regards to the passing of a King’s Guard knight. They should organise a substitute.

Lord Corlys Velaryon storms in. He’s offended in regards to the chaos (ie the crabs) occurring on the Stepstones, a series of strategically vital rocky islands that main sea lanes run subsequent to. Often called the Sea Snake, the Corlys household wealth depends on these fishing lanes. (Necessary to recollect: through the years he has constructed the world’s strongest fleet, turning into the realm’s richest household). The king appears ambivalent about the truth that a “crab feeder” (Corlys’ phrases) is operating this rocky spot, and Corlys is justifiably mad that this overseas energy has arrange store fully unchallenged.

“I’m not ready to begin a warfare with the Free Cities,” says Viserys. (The Free Cities are 9 highly effective unbiased city-states which can be main buying and selling companions with the Seven Kingdoms – positioned throughout the Slim Sea).

Lord Corlys doesn’t get it. From his standpoint, the palace’s selections are making it look weak: We discover out that the king’s wayward brother Prince Daemon has been squatting at Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of Home Targaryen which is positioned at Blackwater Bay, for over six months with out problem, plus he took a military of Gold Cloaks (the King’s Touchdown metropolis guard; they of episode one’s penis-chopping infamy) with him.

As Otto bristles, the king says he isn’t being idle. He’s despatched envoys to Pentos and Volantis (two of the Free Cities) and that the state of affairs can be sorted in time – very measured, however not very Sport of Thrones, we worry.

Princess Rhaenyra pipes up, saying that maybe Dragonriders might be used – it will, in spite of everything, present pressure – however the remark will get her excused from the room. Annoying.

Who’s that hottie?

A welcome temper change: we lower to Princess Rhaenyra selecting the brand new knight to exchange the King’s Guard one which died. She is on a balcony and the fortunate choice are standing beneath, holding their home banners, taking it in turns to introduce themselves. Plainly they’re actually good at rounding up and bringing poachers to justice, however what about precise hand-to-hand fight? What about battles? Princess Rhaenyra is non-plussed by these lame-os.

“My father must be defended by a person who has recognized actual fight. Ought to he not?” she says.

Then Ser Criston Cole (who we keep in mind for beating Daemon in final week’s jousting competitors) steps ahead. He has precise battle expertise. He additionally occurs to be actually scorching, however there’s no method – wink wink – this performs a job in Rhaenyra’s decision-making. She chooses Cole because the substitute, and so – absolutely? – seeds of a romance have been planted.

Spouse time?

The king is hanging out with Otto Highwater’s daughter, and Princess Rhaenyra’s finest mate, Alicent Hightower. He’s grieving for his useless spouse – I imply, all of us are. Anybody who watched her hideous beginning final episode will probably be desirous about it for a really very long time.

What’s he doing spending one-on-one time with the very younger girl, we don’t actually know. Does he? Does she? There’s a tenderness between them which is sort of uncomfortable given their age hole. Alicent does appear to genuinely just like the king, however she can be an precise youngster (we’re guessing she’s about 15 years outdated, the identical age as Rhaenyra).

The king says, “You don’t point out our talks to Rhaenyra do you? I worry that she wouldn’t perceive them.” Ummm, yuck.

Within the subsequent scene, Alicent and Rhaenyra are in a stony crypt. It’s darkish after which there’s a centre level of candles, the place the women kneel and discuss their useless moms. It’s non-public and mournful – Rhaenyra will get teary.

“I do know these males and the way they plot of their secret councils when I’m despatched away,” she says. Alicent encourages her to talk extra brazenly together with her father the king, saying: “Mine personal father doesn’t know the language of women both. After I want to discuss with him I do know that I have to take the time.” The vibe is off: nearly definitely as a result of Alicent’s friendship with the king is hanging within the air like a large floating spectre.

Then, fortunately, it’s again outdoors, to the contemporary air. On the finish of an extended backyard path that’s lined with Cypress timber, the king is having a chat with Lord Corlys and his spouse Princess Rhaenys Velaryon aka the Queen Who By no means Was. (We’ve heard this phrase so many instances already that it’s getting a bit repetitive – however clearly the showrunners need to remind everybody to look at this area, ie there’s a wound that’s festering).

Corlys and Rhaenys have a suggestion for Viserys: why doesn’t the king marry their eldest daughter, the Woman Laena? It’s an ideal match – becoming a member of the 2 strongest and prestigious households, a exhibiting of unity throughout the realm. With the Velaryon fleet and Targaryen dragons they’ll be unstoppable. Sounds nice, proper?

Ah, however yet one more factor. She’s 12. The one good matches are below 18, apparently.

He places the query to some members of his council within the subsequent scene, whereas he’s having a plate filled with maggots eat away on the rot that’s spreading throughout his hand. Each Otto Highwater and Grand Maester Mellos agree {that a} marriage between the 2 homes might be a good suggestion. Sure, Laena is younger, but it surely’s a good move. “I don’t envy you,” says Otto.

So it appears it has been determined: Woman Laena and the king go on a stroll across the backyard. The distinction in maturity is painful. When the king asks what her mom advised her in regards to the match, Laena says, “That I wouldn’t need to mattress you till I flip 14.” Oh, expensive. The King seems to be dismayed.

Princess Rhaenyra and Princess Rhaenys Velaryon look on from the citadel. Rhaenyra asks if it bothers Rhaenys. “I didn’t ask for a lesson in politics, I requested whether or not it bothers you,” she says. “In fact it does,” replies Rhaenys. However obligation is obligation, and the way forward for the homes is an important issue right here. Sorry Laena, gutted.

“After I’m queen I’ll create a brand new order,” says Princess Rhaenyra. However Rhaenys thinks she’s being naive. In any case, the king will remarry and could have sons. The chance of Rhaenyra ever sitting on the Iron Throne are slim, to say the least. “Males would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a girl ascend the Iron Throne,” she says. “And your father is not any idiot.”

Issues scorching up

Then there’s one other second the place Alicent and the king are hanging out. She’s mounted a dragon mannequin that was damaged, and he’s very touched by the gesture. Otto enters – all of it appears very awkward.

There’s been an emergency, he says, and the king is required.

Within the following scene, the council has assembled and the king is advised that Daemon has stolen one of many dragon eggs, leaving an extended letter detailing his plans. He’s to marry his concubine, Woman Mysaria – in two days in reality. She is with youngster, and he’s having the egg. Thanks!

Everyone seems to be livid, however the king remains to be uncertain of what to do – ought to he actually ship his personal brother to the Wall, chop off his head? However then Princess Rhaenyra asks which egg was stolen. It was the egg chosen for her useless brother Prince Baelon, says the dragon keeper, and now the king is basically, severely mad.

He will get up, able to storm to Dragonstone, however Otto reminds him that it’s method too harmful. He’ll go as an alternative.

Within the following sequence, Otto is together with his daughter Alicent. “Will you see the king tonight?” he asks. “If you want it,” says Alicent. Yikes: the Littlefinger comparisons which have been swirling the web since episode one appear to be confirmed on this second. Otto actually is establishing his daughter and finest pal.

A tense encounter

Smashcut to Dragonstone, the place Prince Daemon is going through off in opposition to Otto and 20 of the Crimson Hold’s finest family guards. The panoramic views round them are shrouded in mist. The power is effectively and really off: catastrophe looms.

Daemon is throwing the stolen dragon egg up and down like a rugby ball. Welcome to Dragonstone, Otto,” he says. Sinisterly.

Otto comes into his personal on this scene. In truth, a lot in order that actor Rhys Ifans deserves a pat on the again for the efficiency. “Your occupation of this island is at an finish,” he shouts throughout the cavernous area. “That is an abomination. With each breath you soil your identify, your own home and your brother’s reign.” Go Otto!

Daemon is visibly unmoved. Mysaria storms off when she finds out that Daemon says she will probably be having a child quickly. It seems she isn’t anticipating, in spite of everything. Swords are drawn. Then Daemon’s big crimson dragon involves again up his grasp, screeching into the abyss. The swords are resheathed – in spite of everything, no (sane) man will tackle a dragon. It’s an influence imbalance that Otto reluctantly acquiesces to.

However, then there’s a rippling within the mist, and Princess Rhaenyra soars onto the scene on the again of her personal dragon. Storming by means of Otto’s males she walks as much as Daemon. Talking of their ancestral language of Excessive Valyrian she says, “That is my citadel you’re dwelling in, uncle.” Then she says, “In the event you want to be restored as inheritor, you’ll have to kill me. So do it, and be carried out with all this trouble.”

The present of power – one other woo-hoo second for viewers members – is revered by Daemon. Or, a minimum of, he chooses to not kill her at this second. There’s a tense stare-off, he passes her the egg, and the confrontation has ended, for now.

Princess Rhaenyra will get again on her dragon and flies residence, Daemon storms again to the citadel, and Otto is left wanting a bit bit smaller than he did when the showdown began.


Within the following sequence, Mysaria and Daemon are having an argument. She’s fuming – she needs to be protected after being offered as property for years, and Daemon’s risky behaviour is placing her at risk. Nobody will care about sticking her head on a spike, in spite of everything, whereas folks will deal with Daemon with a bit extra care.

The callous prince is just not precisely recognized for his variety and beneficiant disposition, so it does seem to be a wierd second for Mysaria to begin selecting at his quite a few character flaws. Did she actually suppose she can be well-cared for by the power-hungry brother? To present her her dues, given her historical past, maybe he’s the perfect of a nasty lot.

The king and Princess Rhaenyra discuss as soon as she returns. He didn’t know she had made the journey to Dragonstone and is livid that she put her life on the road. However she introduced again the products, and he is aware of it too. In truth, the king appears quietly impressed by his daughter’s guts. They communicate once more about how a lot they miss Queen Aemma, and the way her “absence is a wound that may by no means heal”.

The king says he must remarry, however that he doesn’t need to change into estranged from Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra is sanguine about the entire thing. “Mom would have understood this, simply as I do,” she says.

So, then, a wedding between Woman Laena and the king has approval from each the council and his daughter. A fantastic match certainly.

The council meets, and the king shares his information. “I’ve determined to take a brand new spouse,” he says. Rhaenyra nods. “I intend to marry the woman Alicent Hightower.”

Tumbleweed metropolis. Everyone seems to be shocked. Otto smiles to himself. Lord Corlys is raging and storms out. “That is an absurdity,” he cries. Princess Rhaenyra is knocked sideways and likewise follows him. Uh-oh. In time the king will certainly pay dearly for this determination.

Cliffhanger time

Few reveals do a cliffhanger higher than the Sport of Thrones crew, and it’s no totally different with Home of the Dragon. This time the ultimate scene reveals Lord Corlys sitting by a hearth speaking to no aside from… Prince Daemon. Gasp!

The episode ends because it opened: He’s involved in regards to the troubles on the Stepstones. Pictures flash to the horrible sandy no man’s land the place sailors twist and writhe as they get knawed on.

“If these delivery lanes fall, my Home will probably be crippled,” he says. He believes that he and the prince are related – however the Daemon doesn’t just like the comparability. Lord Corlys’s brother, in spite of everything, is just not the king.

“Our price is just not given,” says Corlys. “It should be made.” The music builds after which the scene modifications: a twisted inexperienced face of what can solely be the Stepstones’s malevolent overseas energy is the final picture we see on the display.


Episode two is a powerful success. Relationships between the totally different factions at courtroom actually begin to bitter, there are some correct cheer-worthy moments, akin to when Princess Rhaenyra lands outdoors Dragonstone, and there are some real gasps too. It’s all poised for catastrophe, frankly, and we’re all on board to look at it unfold. Is it time for episode three but?

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