It’s seven in the morning in Kyiv. Here’s what you need to know

Survivors of a Russian strike on Saturday that reportedly killed at least 60 people sheltering in a school in eastern Ukraine described their harrowing experience in interviews with CNN.

“I was struck by a slab—bending into a ball,” said a man with a bandage over his nose and forehead, who preferred not to be named due to privacy concerns. Then another explosion, and small rocks fell on us. the darkness. “

“There was a woman in our room screaming the whole time. She was pulled and screaming the whole time. I told her: Don’t scream. We couldn’t hear anything.”

“They started digging,” he said. “I got out. I was like a drunk man – lost.”

A video of the school posted on Telegram by Serhiy Heidi, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, shows a building completely destroyed by the attack.

Heidi said that of the estimated 90 people sheltering at the school, only 27 came out alive from Saturday’s noon attack.

Another survivor, Sergei, said he was in the basement of the school when the bomb fell, and that all three floors of the building had collapsed “to the ground”.

“We didn’t understand anything,” Sergey explained. “We were inside. Once, it all fell off. It was dark. That is it.”

Describe a desperate escape.

“I was the first to start climbing,” he said. “I was cutting and throwing bricks. There were planks and planks. The locals who weren’t downstairs helped and used a pipe to tear up those boards.”

Survivors said that among the neighbors they were sheltering with were many elderly grandparents.

“Imagine what they bombed,” said Sergey. “An ordinary village with only pensioners and children.”

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