January 6, committee counsel leaves to explore running for the US Senate in Missouri

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Senior Investigative Adviser to House Select Committee to Investigate Jan. 6, 2021, leaving committee to Explore running for the Missouri Senate seat as an independent, according to four people familiar with his plans.

John Wood, a former federal prosecutor who worked closely with Vice President Liz Cheney (R-Wu), began notifying commission staff this week of his plans. To explore the race to the office, According to these people.

Wood directed the committee’s “golden team,” which examined former President Donald Trump’s possible involvement in the US Capitol siege, and appeared alongside lawmakers on the committee last week to question witnesses during a hearing that focused on the pressure campaign targeting the then vice president. Mike Pence. People involved in the investigation say Wood, encouraged by his team, left his role and is on good terms with the commission’s staff.

News of his departure comes after former Missouri Governor Eric Grettens released a campaign ad in the US Senate showing him pretending to stalk members of his party.

“Today we’re looking for RINO,” Greitens announced in the video, using the ironic phrase “Republicans in Name Only.”

Counsel Stephen Karim said Wood’s campaign committee launched a website and began fundraising on Monday, opening a 10-day window to file an official file with the Federal Election Commission. The committee’s treasurer is Mark Eggert, former associate vice president at Washington University in St. Louis.

Karim said the campaign decided to launch on Monday due to the “RINO hunting advertisement” for greens. He said he expects a formal decision from Wood on the candidacy within a week.

Karim said the campaign must submit 10,000 signatures by August 1 to get Wood on the ballot as an independent candidate. Wood will have the support of former Senator John Danforth (R-Mo.), who is raising money for a super PAC to support an independent candidate.

Danforth said his group polled Missouri voters in February and found widespread dissatisfaction with both parties and political polarization.

“If John Wood got into the race, he would be better qualified to be a US senator than anyone else,” Danforth said in an interview. “What has happened now is that politics is, for a lot of people, disgusting because people want to go to the polls and vote ‘none of the above.’ But it doesn’t matter. The important way is to vote for this independent.”

The campaign website presented Wood as a sixth-generation Missourian who served as a federal attorney general and Department of Homeland Security official. Wood was legal clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former appellate judge J.

The August 2 Republican primary for the Missouri Senate seat features former state governor Eric Grettens, who resigned in 2018 as Face allegations of abuse and extortion In a relationship with a former hairstylist. Other GOP candidates include Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt, and Representatives Vicki Hartzler and Billy Long. Mark McCluskey, the St. Louis attorney who was charged and later pardoned in connection with brandishing a rifle at passing protesters in 2020, is also working. On the Democratic side, the main candidates are beer heiress Trudy Bush Valentine and veteran Lucas Koncy.