John Mulaney surprises fans unhappy with Dave Chappelle’s performance

Left: John Mulaney (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images), Right: Dave Chappelle (Demetrius Camboris/Getty Images for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Left: John Mulaney (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images), Right: Dave Chappelle (Demetrius Camboris/Getty Images for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Comedian John Mulaney He came under fire this weekend, after reports that he surprised audiences at a show in Ohio last night with his opening appearance from a local. Dave Chappelle, from He proceeded to do some of his patented late-age comedy — anti-transgender jokes — to a crowd of people who thought they were only there to see the guy on the posters.

No footage of Chappelle’s part of Mulaney Show – it was One of those comedy shows where you have to lock your phone away in a small bag or somethingWe meet – but diverse He has a bunch of tweets A lot of people are clearly dissatisfied with Maulani I decided to “cure” them for a few minutes of the latest cThe fruit. (TMZ Notes That Chappelle apparently referred to the strange weapon he was using Attacking in HullYou’d Paul a few weeks agojoked that it was a “pistol identified as a knife.”)

At the bare minimum, the controversy goes understandably, no one bought tickets for John Mulani’s show was expecting to deal with Chappelle, or to hear God knows how many people are laughing at them He paid tribute to the man who made multiple statements attacking their basic rights and identity over the past few years. (ar to see Maulani give him a hug after the group, as he reacted). There is also a general feeling of frustration that Mulaney, who is usually seen as politically inert at worst, would lend his reputation and platform to Chappelle in this way.

Chappelle, after all, He has been at the center of a heated debate over his stance on transgender rights for years now. that has reached its climax Through his 2021 special on Netflix the closestwhere he doubled down on his statements, for example, trans women “fact” a woman. Despite the outcry from inside and outside the company, Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO of Netflix Difficult In favor of Chappelle’s God-given right to receive several million dollars in cash so that his anti-transgender views would be shown to millions of people, a position that is somehow described as “freedom of speech.” (Netflix Recently released an update Company Value Statementto tell her workers,If you find it difficult to support our breadth of content, then Netflix may not be the place for you. “)

for every diverseNeither Mulani nor Chappelle responded to requests for comment. However, there are quite a few other comics; In particular , Tim Heidecker Issue a note to his fans todayStating that “I pledge not to surprise guests against transgender people on my summer tour.”