Johnny Depp asks to hit an ‘inappropriate argument’ in Amber Heard’s closing statement


Johnny Depp filed a motion to strike out part of Amber Heard’s closing argument that asked jurors to consider the “letter” that the ruling against her sends to other victims of domestic violence.

Mr. Depp’s lawyers raised concerns about an “inappropriate argument” in a lawsuit in Fairfax County Court on Tuesday in the name of The jury deliberated for the second day in the case of defamation of the couple.

They asked Judge Benny Azkarat to cross the argument from the record, instructing the jury to disregard it and review the special sentencing form. The judge said she would not consider the application due to the fact that deliberations are already underway.

At the conclusion of his speech to the defense on May 27Mrs. Heard’s lawyer, Ben Rothenborn, warned that a ruling in favor of Mr. Depp would make the jurors an “accomplice” in his alleged abuse.

In an effort to convince you that Mr. Depp has shouldered the burden of proof in proving that he never abused Amber even once, consider the message that Mr. Depp and his lawyers are sending to Amber and thus to every victim of domestic violence, he said.

“If you don’t take the picture it won’t. If you took pictures it’s fake.

“If you don’t tell your friends you’re lying. If you tell your friends you’re part of the trick.

“If you don’t seek medical treatment you will not be harmed. If you seek medical attention you are crazy.

“If you do everything in your power to help your wife, the person you love, break free from the destructive drug and alcohol abuse that drives him into an abusive, rage-filled monster, you are a wretch.

“And if you finally decide that’s enough, you’re tired of fear and enough pain and you have to leave to save yourself, you’re a gold digger.”

“This is the message Mr. Deeb is asking you to send,” he warned.

Mr Rottenborn urged the jurors not to “participate” in this letter and pirates The campaign “global humiliation” of the actor against his ex-wife.

In their request to have this argument removed from the record, Depp’s lawyers said, Rottenborn’s comments “inappropriately invite the jury to focus on a larger societal goal that transcends [case]“, citing the 2021 ruling from the Fourth Circuit in Plame vs Mirandi.

“Such an argument by Ms. Heard’s attorney incorrectly invites the jury to decide the case “on the basis of emotion and prejudice,” and specific jury instructions are necessary to remedy this error,” the lawsuit states.

Mr. Depp is suing his ex-wife, Heard, for $50 million, claiming she slandered him in an opinion piece for Washington Post She described herself as a victim of domestic violence under the headline: “I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the wrath of our culture. That must change.”

Ms. Heard sued her ex-husband for $100 million, claiming he launched a “slander campaign” against her.

Tuesday’s file also asked the court to amend part of the special judgment form regarding Mr. Depp’s positive claims against Ms. Heard – that is, the cases that jurors are hearing in his case against her.

They are seeking to change a question related to the title of her article that reads “The statement is false” to “The statement about Mr. Deeb is false?”