Kentucky Derby 2022 Predictions, Bets: Expert’s Top Picks to Win, Venue, Show, Trifecta, Superfecta


The road to winning the Triple Crown horse race begins with 2022 Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Entering the 2022 Kentucky Derby, there were 13 Triple Crown winners and 23 Kentucky Derby horses earning their first Triple Crown legs before losing to third. The 36 horses with Triple Crown attempts equal 24.5 percent of all Kentucky Derby winners. Thus, one in four derby winners will also go on to win the return leg of the Triple Crown, The Preakness Stakes. The excitement for match three, Belmont Stakes, is heightened when the horse bids Triple Crown, and Zandon presents one of the best opportunities in securing a go. He is 8-1 in the last 2022 Kentucky Derby odds behind co-nominees Epicenter and Thebes (both 5-1). Churchill Downs will host the 148th Kentucky Derby with another scheduled date at 6:57 p.m. ET. With so much in mind as you make your choices at the 2022 Kentucky Derby, A little expert help can go a long way.

As would be expected with a sporting event that has been around for 148 years, the Kentucky Derby purse has grown exponentially since the first race in 1875. The inaugural race has a prize pool of $3,050, while the 2022 Kentucky Derby purse is worth nearly 1,000 times out of 3 Million dollars. The winner will receive $1.86 million, followed by $600,000 (second place), $300,000 (third), $150,000 (fourth) and $90,000 (fifth). The Kentucky Derby jackpot first reached $1 million in 1996 and has been there for nine years. It was then at $2 million from 2005 to 2018 before hitting its current portfolio in 2019. The Kentucky Derby 2022 prize pool of $3 million is more than the sum of last year’s Preakness Stakes ($1 million) and Belmont Stakes ($1.5 million) .

Looking at all the history there is a way to choose which horses to focus on for accurate, triple and superfecta bets in the Kentucky Derby like this one, and SportsLine expert Jody Demling knows what it is. He can help you make the best 2022 Kentucky Derby picks possible.

A fixture in the world of horse racing who has been writing, talking about and betting on races for years, Deming has been on the cutting edge with his horse racing bets. He hit exactly at the Wood Memorial in April. Last year, he made it to the minute hit, trifecta and superfecta at the Belmont Stakes. This is the same rider who has won the Derby Oaks double at Churchill Downs nine times in the last 13 years. That means he’s been holding a ticket with the winners of both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby all but four times in his last 13 attempts.

Plus, at some point in 2020, he picked the winners of six consecutive races: the Saudi Cup, Gotham Stakes, Rebel Stakes, Louisiana Derby, Florida Derby, and Belmont Stakes. On Friday, he pinned the accuracy to the 2022 Kentucky Oaks Championship. Everyone who followed him in these races is the way. Now, he shares all his bets on the 2022 Kentucky Derby here.

The best 2022 experts in the Kentucky Derby

Here’s an update on these types of bets from SportsLine Jody Demling:

Kentucky Derby Exacta: Pick 1st and 2nd places in the correct order. Exactly $2 returned $503 in the 2021 Kentucky Derby with Medina Spirit and Mandaloun.

Kentucky Derby Trifecta: Pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the correct order. Trifecta returned $1,696.90 in the 2021 Kentucky Derby with Medina Spirit, Mandaloun and Hot Rod Charlie.

Kentucky Derby Supervicta: Pick the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners in the correct order. The $1 superfecta set back a whopping $9456.40 in the 2021 Kentucky Derby with Medina Spirit, Mandaloun, Hot Rod Charlie and Essential Quality.

While Deming doesn’t have quirks with the preferred position of Epicenter (5-1) and Taiba (5-1), he plans to hold tickets with Messier (7-1), Zandon (8-1), as well as four doubles players. The number of vulnerable people who can actually increase payments. You can see his choices here.

How are Kentucky Derby 2022 bets made?

Demling has specific recommendations for exact, trifecta and superfecta bets so you can cover all your bases for the 2022 Kentucky Derby. He shares it on SportsLine.

So what horses do you take? And in what groups? Visit SportsLine for Dimming’s picks for exact, trifecta and superfecta bets for the 2022 Kentucky Derby..

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