Learn about the 2023 NFL Draft Class: #1 Choice Predictions, Top QBs, and Off-Radar Prospects

We are in 2023.

It’s time to start closing the books on 2022 NFL Draft And start looking forward to next year’s collection. And boy, are they good? We have top-level defensive stars, including a superior striker from Alabama. Our elite playmakers are on the offensive. And if the lack of big prospects in the 2022 quarterback disappoints you, the 2023 squad looks great, starting with two potential QB1s at the top.

Of course, the 2023 draft is still 12 months away and there is a lot to learn about the chapter. And over the next few months, you’ll learn more and more about the top names available and their strengths. But for now, let’s take a quick introductory look at what could be a distinct set of potential customers.

NFL Draft analysts Matt Miller and Jordan Reed are here to answer 11 big questions about the best players, who could finish first overall and who fly under the radar early. Have your notebooks ready – it’s time to start assessing the class of 2023. For more information on what to expect from the class of 2023, take a look at Todd McShay’s way too early from the first round on Thursday.

Make your pick now: Who will be the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Reid: Quarters would be the common choice, but I would go another route: Alabama edge rush Will Anderson Jr.. He’s the most productive sprint supremacy Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has ever achieved, as evidenced by his leading tackles 34.5 for losses and 17.5 sacks, and I expect him to have a good season in 2022. At 6-foot-4 and 243 pounds, Anderson is an assertive multi-talented player. Against running and a cunning and destructive aggressive ball as passes.

Miller: It’s very difficult to choose against Anderson, and my early call would be here as well. But here’s another name to watch: the Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud. The Player of the Year struggled early in the 2021 season but held on and threw 44 touchdown passes to just six interceptions. He’s a strong, armed midfielder who can play from the pocket. There’s still a lot to learn about Stroud since he started just 12 games, but right now, he’s the midfielder I admire most in 2023.

What are the greatest strengths of midfielders Bryce Young (Alabama) Stroud?

Miller: Young (6 feet 194 pounds) is a rhythmic transcendent who enjoys pinpoint accuracy at all levels of the field. It’s dynamic enough with its legs to create passing windows and can capture yards like a scrambler. He is a point guard at center back. Stroud (6-3, 215) has a stronger arm and is able to bounce back from potential competitors. Stroud’s field vision, arm strength, and ability to play on the second effort are his biggest strengths.

Who are the other midfielders we should know about in the 2023 class?

Reid: Boston College Phil Gorkovich He had a lot of fanfare before last season, but surgery to fracture his right wrist forced him to miss eight games, and he’s back for his first season. There are two other people to watch out for who have grown up repeatedly when discussing the best QBs for the next year: Kentucky Will Levis And in Miami Tyler Van Dyck.

Would Anderson have been the first choice if he had qualified for the 2022 draft?

Miller: definitely! Anderson is so talented, and as we’ve seen, the NFL teams have been appreciating passers-by this year for their offensive tackles and middlemen. Anderson has a production that Travon Walker He did not have (17.5 cysts in 2021). He looks a lot kefon tebodo In terms of his speed on the first move, he plays more aggressively despite being listed 10 pounds (245) lighter. Anderson is a well-balanced and refined passing player with truly explosive, powerful and special passing moves.

Outside of Anderson, who are the best defenders you should know?

Reid: Early forecasts for the defensive line outlook for 2023 look promising. Georgia defensive tackle Galen Carter He already has a lot of fans inside the league. One of the scouts told me,[Carter] He was the best player in [Georgia] Defense last year, and it wasn’t close. “After an outstanding sophomore season, there will be a lot of interest on Carter now that he is eligible to enlist and one of the few stars to return to Bulldog defence.

I think another player who could quickly establish himself in the debate at the top of the positional standings with a solid season is the Alabama corner team. Eli Rex. He played for LSU during his first two seasons, but transferred in the conference to Crimson Tide. At 6-2, 190, Rex is a long press corner showing plenty of hip fluidity, technique and confidence.

Is there a clear wide receiver in next year’s draft?

Miller: Ohio jackson smith ngigba He will carry the WRU torch for the Buckeyes next year, and may actually be a better prospect than Garrett Wilson or Chris Olaf. JSN kicked off last year hitting 95 catches, over 1,600 yards and nine degrees. And he did so while sharing goals with two first-round players in 2022 at the center.

His chemistry with Stroud late in the season has been electric, with the two hitting 60 times for 958 yards and six touchdowns in their last five games. Smith-Nigegba ended his season in 2021 with a record performance in Rose Bowl vs Utah, in which he went for 15 catches and 347 yards. It should start in 2022 where it stopped completely.

No full-backs came out in the first round this year. Could we see one on the first day in 2023?

Reid: Judging by the early look, running is one of the strongest units overall next year. The “no go back in the first round” philosophy will be put to the test next year. Bijan Robinson (Texas) is already seen as one of the top prospects in the position after dashing for 1,127 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2021. Two more to watch are Alabama Jammer Gibbs and Ole Miss Zach Evans.

What is the strength of the class of 2023?

Reid: The midfielder, the running back, the wide receiver and the defensive line groups all look promising, and it looks like the offensive class will be much stronger than the 2022 crop, but a lot could change in a matter of months. We’re definitely heading into another strong WR class. Smith-Njigba would probably be a WR1, but Kishon Pot (LSU) and Jordan Addison (Pittsburgh, currently in the transfer gate) could make it an interesting race to the top.

Miller: To me, the quarterback group is solid but unproven, while the defensive line class is quite stacked. Anderson is the likely best for many good reasons, but he will be joined by potential players like Carter and Nolan Smith in Georgia, Brian Pressy And Miles Murphy in Clemson and BJ Ojulari at LSU. While there is a lot of potential in the quarterback, there are plenty of gamemakers already installed on the defensive line.

Who is the first potential person we should know?

Reid: Northwest offensive tackle Peter Skoronsky It is a name to know. took over Rashawn Slater (first round in 2021) without any kind of interruption from last season. At 6-4, 294, he’ll need to keep putting more weight on, but he has a clean bar in pass protection and is showing a lot of attitude as a running blocker. With repeated performances from last season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Skoronsky end up in the top 15 picks.

Miller: Wide receiver from Alabama Jermaine Burton It will likely be Tide’s next great receiver. Transferring from Georgia, Burton had 26 assists for five touchdowns last year in an offense built entirely around the running game. Now in Alabama, Burton has the potential to become Young’s favorite.

Are there any possible choices from the five group of schools?

Reid: Defensive end of the army Andre Carter II Constantly jumps off the bar. At 6-7, 250, he mainly played as a defensive end last season and played with an unstoppable engine. Carter had 15.5 sacks in 2021 and has a chance of becoming the highest-scoring player from the Service Academy since Mike Wall (1998, supplemental draft).

Miller: Fresno State Quarterback Jake Hanner It is one to watch. He’s a little small (6-1, 195) but he lit up the Western Mountain last year hitting 33 touchdowns to just eight interceptions and over 4,000 yards. He’s not an elite threat, but his accuracy and field vision are impressive.

Who is a potential person everyone should know?

Reid: There always seems to be a QB in the draft making huge strides in their development to significantly raise their inventory. Stay tuned for the Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker Be that man in 2023. After moving from Virginia Tech, Hooker spent a huge year on coach Josh Heupel’s explosive offense, racking up his highest assists (2945), TD passes (31) and completion percentage (68.2%). At 6-4, 218, he’s comfortable in and out of the pocket and can pass passes to all three levels of the court.

Miller: Quarters will once again dominate the conversation in the 2023 class, and I should mention here Levis in Kentucky. He’s petite at 6-3, 232 pounds and has an arm and the physical features to get NFL scouts excited. He had to lower his turnover (13 interceptions last year), but as he gained experience, that became very much possible. Levis isn’t the flamboyant name Young or Stroud is now, but he’s a potential first-round talent.