New charges have been filed against missing Alabama former prison officer Vicki White

Officials said the new fee stems from her use of a pseudonym to purchase the vehicle used for the getaway, a 2007 Ford Edge. The note shows that Vicki White is wanted for fraud and identity theft.

Vicki White, who was the assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County, removed Casey White from the county jail on April 29, saying she was going to take him for a mental health assessment, which authorities later learned had never been scheduled. Then she said she would get medical care after the prisoner was disembarked because she was not feeling well.

The two have not been spotted since, and Vicki White’s use of aliases could complicate the search for the two, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Monday.

“If she was using her own identity, it would be easy for us to find her,” Singleton told CNN anchor Piana Golodriga. “We know she used a fake ID to buy a car from here locally.”

“She had two fake IDs that we know about, and I wouldn’t be shocked if she now has additional or new identities,” the sheriff said.

Sharif says a video clip shows the escape was well prepared

Singleton said surveillance video footage of Vicki White taken prior to the vacation shows his level of readiness to flee.

Singleton said investigators found footage of whites shopping for men’s clothing at a department store and an “adult store,” adding that she “obviously changed a guest’s clothes.”

“It just tells us that it was very well planned and calculated,” Singleton said. “She clearly planned this escape all the way down to T.”

Detectives earlier released a video showing Vicki White at the Quality Inn in Florence, where she had stayed the night before the escape over a week ago.

The patrol car taken by the officer and the inmate from the prison was found abandoned in the parking lot of the shopping center. Vicki White’s prison keys, radio and handcuffs were found inside. Authorities believe the couple left a lot in a different vehicle: the 2007 Ford Vicky White SUV they parked at the scene the night before.

The Then the car was spotted On May 6 in Tennessee pull a lot. The car was abandoned in the woods without any identifying information on the same day the duo escaped, indicating that they drove about two hours north from the prison in Florence, Alabama, to Williamson County, Tennessee.

“We now know where the car is, and we know which direction they took,” the sheriff said. “We are trying to mobilize the area for any witnesses, and we are also trying to search, to see if any stolen vehicles have been reported in that area during that time.”

Why do searches like those of Vicky White and Casey White fascinate us

Authorities believe the car may have encountered mechanical problems that led to the sudden stop in the area.

At the moment, investigators don’t know where the couple went next, Sharif said Monday.

“We don’t have any information or information on how they left that area,” Singleton said. “There are all kinds of possibilities. We’re looking at every possible scenario we can think of,” the mayor said when asked if someone could help them.

It’s possible, given the time the two were on the run, sheriff said, that they are no longer in the country.

“This is something we are considering and trying to follow up, particularly with the Mexican and Canadian authorities,” Singleton said.

Vicki White, 56, and Casey White, 38, single, have known each other since at least 2020 and developed a romantic relationship, Sharif told CNN earlier this week.
Before their disappearance, Vicki White announced plans to retire and sold her home for a The price is much lower than the market value.

She now has a valid arrest warrant for allegedly allowing or facilitating first-degree escape. She is no longer working in the mayor’s office, the office said, adding that while Friday was her last day on the job, her retirement papers were not finalized.

On Friday, Singleton said investigators believed Vicki White had a large sum of money when the pair disappeared, adding that authorities are working to find out more details.

On Monday, Singleton said Vicki White’s mother had been “very cooperative” with investigators.

“Like us, she’s at a complete loss,” he said. “She obviously doesn’t know that side of her daughter, and she’s very distraught.”

Administrators share photos and rewards

The US Marshals Service said the couple should be considered dangerous and may be armed with weapons including an AR-15 rifle, pistols and a shotgun.

The agency said Casey White threatened his ex-girlfriend and her sister in 2015 that if he ever came out, he would “kill them and want the police to kill him.” The Marshall Service said authorities had warned “potential targets” of the prisoners and had taken measures to protect them.

On Monday, Singleton said investigators were also concerned that Casey White might not be taking medication “to control moods and those things.”

“He has some issues taking medication, and when he’s off meds, I’m told he can be very violent,” Singleton said.

The service also released several photos of Casey White and his tattoo as well as photos of what Vicki White, who was blonde when she disappeared, looked like, with darker and shorter hair.

A photo from the American Marshals service showed what Vicki White could look like with darker hair.

The agency offers up to $10,000 for information leading to an inmate’s arrest and up to $5,000 for an officer. On Friday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced additional rewards of $5,000 each for information leading to the capture and arrest of Vicki White and Casey White.