Paul McCartney on ‘Showing Support’ for Johnny Depp as the case nears its conclusion


Paul McCartney was on stage in Orlando when he played a clip of Johnny Depp from his music video for My Valentine, which many thought was a gesture of support for the actor’s current court battle.

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Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Says ‘This Is Me Too Without Any Data’

Paul McCartney Apparently he has given his support to Johnny Depp The actor is awaiting the verdict of his assigned court case against Amber Heard.

The veteran musician, 79, was performing on stage at Camping World in Orlando over the weekend as part of his Got Back tour and played a video for Depp on his track My Valentine.

Although it may have been just a slight case of coincidence, a number of fans were convinced that it was an indication of the actor’s current condition.

TMZ Reports indicate that Depp’s image was shown on the big screens surrounding the stage while McCartney performed his success.

While it’s unknown if other concerts earlier in the tour played the song and video as well, it has been confirmed that the former Beatle hasn’t played it on his Freshen Up tour in several years, leading many to believe the timing It was on purpose.

Paul McCartney is believed to have lent his support to Johnny Depp


Getty Images (Rock and Row)

Those present are said to have cheered Depp’s appearance, while McCartney did not address it.

Other netizens started gossiping about whether McCartney had used the clip because the highly publicized case resembled the singer’s bad divorce with Heather Mills.

One Twitter User wrote: “Paul McCartney looks like a pro #TeamJohnnyDepp!!!

“Paul also had to go through a messy divorce with Heather Mills. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JohnnyDepp #DeppVsHeard #IStandWithJohnnyDepp”

Mills made a series of allegations against her ex-husband at the time in a similar manner that Heard has accused Depp.

The actress, 58, is suing his ex-wife Heard, 36, for defamation after her opinion piece in the Washington Post about her alleged domestic violence, although she never named her ex-husband.

The representative of The Pirates of the Caribbean is claiming more than £38m in the case as he claims several allegations have damaged his career and reputation.

He vehemently denies any accusations of physical or sexual abuse and insists that it was in fact Heard who abused him.

The jury in the case between Depp and Heard is in the works


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The Aquaman actress has filed a counterclaim against her ex-boyfriend and is seeking damages estimated at £78m after she said Depp’s ex-lawyer Adam Waldman falsely accused her of fabricating the events.

As the jury continues its deliberations ahead of Tuesday’s decision, Depp stunned his fans in the UK with a surprise appearance in Sheffield.

He took to stage at Jeff Beck’s party on Sunday, much to the delight of the adoring audience.

One fan who was in the audience took to social media to say, “I just visited Jeff Beck at Sheffield City Hall, he had a surprise special guest, Johnny Depp!!”

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