Pentagon says Russia’s attempts to strike Western weapons flowing into Ukraine ‘has no effect’

Ukraine power plant hit by Russian strike

Ukraine power plant hit by Russian strike Omar Marquez/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Russia focuses most of its military efforts in Ukraine on trying to seize territory in the east and south of the country, but continued to strike cities and towns throughout Ukraine. On Tuesday and Wednesday, those strikes Targeting electrical substationsand railway facilities and other infrastructure in western and central Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the attacks on the railway infrastructure are: Aims to disrupt Western arms deliveries The Independent: – Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has realized that the United States and its allies “are stuffing Ukraine with weapons.” Senior Pentagon official Wed said that despite Russia’s efforts, “there has been no impact on our ability to continue the flows to Ukraine. We have not seen any indications that any of this Western aid has been obstructed or even hit.”

“There is absolutely no indication that there is a Russian impediment to the flow” of American weapons to Ukraine, The Pentagon official said. “Our focus is getting it to them. Their focus is getting it into the fight and using it. And that’s what’s happening.” Ukraine has the promised 81 howitzers out of the 90, and “we know they are using some of the howitzers in combat,” the official said, “but I think I’ll make an objection” to the exact number.

The flow of arms to Ukraine “continues every day,” and “they are in the hands of the Ukrainians,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said later Wednesday. “We will not talk about the ways in which materials get into Ukraine,” but “there are a lot of ways to do that” and “these ways change over time.”

Both Ukraine and Russia rely on rail systems to transport military personnel and supplies, The Pentagon official saidbut Russian strikes on critical infrastructure in the West have hadNo appreciable effect“On Ukraine’s ability to replenish its forces. In general, Russia’s ability to target with precision has been lower than advertised throughout this entire war,” Kirby added. “They don’t know how to punch.”

Russian strikes on “non-military targets” also demonstrate their “willingness to target civilian infrastructure in an attempt to weaken Ukraine’s resolve” and damage its economy, The British Ministry of Defense said. The Ukrainian president said that these missile strikes on our cities “will get appropriate answers.” Volodymyr Zelensky pledged Wednesday night. “Fully legal and practical – On the battlefield. “

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