QB Dylan Raiola, No. 1 in the country, commits to five-star recruitment for Ohio

Rookie #1 in Top247 in the 2024 Class of Chandler (Arizona) Five-Star Quarterback Dylan Raiola He celebrated his 17th birthday Monday night by announcing his plans to play college football at Ohio State. Raiola chooses to match Ryan Day and his crew as well as other finalists in Alabama, Georgia, Oregon, Texas and the University of Southern California.

Raiola actually said to the coach Dai and Central Cory Dennis He was in the barn while visiting Columbus for the Buckeyes’ spring game, but that was brewing long before then.

“What a culture, I immediately felt it when I walked into the building for the Penn State game (during the fall),” Raiola told 247Sports. The spring game was his second time at OSU in April. “Going back out there and seeing things, listening to what the former Ohio State players were saying about the program, gathering information, and all the dots connected. I felt like home and ready to be Buckeye.

“Start the head coach’s day. I think what he does with the midfielders is special. The way he shapes a young man who enters this world I think that’s a big factor. Just the personal relationship I have with them and built with them, it’s very elegant and you can ask them any question, and you can Go to him whenever you like.His office is next to the locker room and he says he has an open door policy which means a lot.

“Coach Dennis is great. He trains the midfielders great and he knows what he’s doing. The family feels that I feel comfortable with both coaches.”

Raiola is the first to commit to Ohio State in the 2024 class. It was the return of the spring game so he could tell Day and Dennis in person that he was there.

“We got the itinerary and I saw that I had a meeting with the coach on that Saturday afternoon,” Raiola said. I couldn’t sleep on the plane. We had a red eye. When we got there, we went to a rehearsal, and I went and got my haircut and met for Coach Day. I told him thank you for having us and I’m ready to be a Buckeye. His reaction was loud, “Let’s go!” He is so excited for me and my family.”

Raiola played his first two seasons of high school football at Burleson (Texas) High School where the family was also able to get close to his older sister who played volleyball at UCLA. Throw For 3,341 yards and 32 touchdowns with nine more accelerating scores as a sophomore.
Dominic, Raiola’s father, played 14 seasons on the offensive line for the Detroit Lions after an all-American career in Nebraska (the Remington Award winner is awarded for top spot in the country and his Lincoln number retired). One of his NFL teammates was quarterback John Kitna who is now Burleson’s head coach.

17-year-old Kitna played at the highest level before training and says Raiola is on that path.

“There’s no throw he can’t make.” Kitna said. “He understands coverage and where the weaknesses are in every cover. He knows protection. He knows how to set your running game in the right place. He’s going to be a 4.6 kid by the end and he’s going to be someone who can hurt you while running with his legs up. Just an incredible deep ball thrower. This is one The things that really set him apart.He can do it from the phone booth and get the ball in the air fast.His improvisation skills are something you can’t teach as a coach.He can improvise like crazy and give plays.

“One thing I say to coaches, what you don’t see is better than what you see. He loves football, loves to learn, he’s an athletic rat, constantly working in his craft. He studies the game from an offensive and defensive perspective. These are the things in my opinion that differentiate him from others. You meet a lot. From people who can throw a soccer ball but things you can’t necessarily measure are really special with him.”

Raiola’s family made the tours to other notable schools that were in the mix during the process and Dylan’s father felt Ohio was a special place, too.

“When we started doing trips this year, we weren’t taking them to go see the facilities, we were trying to meet people, and learn about the meat and potatoes on these shows,” Dominic said. “Everyone was great, but Ohio State stood head and shoulders above everyone in that building. How the building was run, we talk about real Ohio culture and culture. From the nutritionist to the academics, we met the dean of the business school, and there are a lot of people other than the coach Dennis and Coach Day Coach (Mickey) Maruti, when you build the whole building around the weight room, that’s the central place, to me this is the place that teaches you about yourself, teaches you about toughness, where you stay healthy and you need to invest in. I don’t know Whether you’ve ever seen a place built around a weight room.Mickey Maruti, I think he’s the best in the business and we’ve done our homework.

“A lot of people rushed out and praised Coach’s Day and this programme.”