Records showed that the Uvald Schools Police Chief completed active shooting training before the shootings


A Texas law enforcement official erred in delaying law enforcement’s response to a heavy gunfire At Ovaldi she recently completed active shooting courses prior to the fatal accident, records show. as such New information Show, community members continue A question Officials responded to the shooting that left 21 dead – 19 of them are children – and more than 12 others were wounded.

On December 17, 2021, President Pete Arredondo of Uvalde Consolidated School District (CISD) completed an eight-hour in-school law enforcement training on active shooting situations at Southwest Texas Junior College, according to a personal case report submitted to CBS News by the Texas Commission on Enforcement Law.

Records show, that Arredondo, who has worked in the school district since 2020, completed eight hours of the same course on August 25, 2020 and 16 hours of the Tactics-Response to Terrorism – Active Shooting course on June 10, 2019.

Since 2018, Texas Administrative Law Requires School District Peace Officers and School Resource Officers to complete an effective fire response training program approved by the State Law Enforcement Committee. The exercises include a curriculum to prepare officers for emergency scenarios, according to Texas School Safety Center.

Despite Arredondo’s training, some have criticized his handling of the recent mass shooting in Uvalde.

Under Arredondo’s direction, about 20 officers stood in a corridor waiting at Robb Elementary School for more than 45 minutes before officials encountered a gunman inside a classroom as students and teachers repeatedly pleaded for help, officials revealed last week.

According to Administrator Stephen McCro of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Arredondo Believes The gunman was confined to a classroom during the attack, and the children were not in danger.

“Of course, the decision was not right,” McCro said on Friday. It was a wrong decision.”

Arredondo was due to be sworn in as council member on Tuesday, but Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin rescheduled the city council’s special meeting for Monday in the wake of the shooting, according to CBS News affiliate. Kho 11. Despite criticism surrounding the police chief, McLaughlin said Arredondo’s record did not show any wrongdoing that would prevent him from taking the oath, KHOU 11 reported.

Investigation reviews police response to Ovaldi school shooting Underway by the US Department of Justice.