Samsung’s new dashcam memory card records non-stop for up to 16 years | Engadget

Longevity reigns when you shop for dashcam memory card, and Samsung thinks it may contain some of the longest-lived cards to date. The brand has inserted Next-generation Pro Endurance microSD cards with up to 16 years of continuous recording for the 256GB version — there’s a good chance you’ll get a new one before the flash memory dies. Low-capacity cards won’t last long (the 128GB model only lasts eight years), but this should still help you avoid frequent replacements.

For context, Samsung’s previous lineup typically peaked at five years. This is better than average in a field where continuous enrollment for two to four years is common.

All cards can read at speeds of up to 100MB/s and write at 30MB/s or better, so you won’t have a problem capturing 1080p or 4K footage. Samsung also rates the cards as resistant to drops, magnets, water, temperature extremes, and X-rays.

The Pro Endurance line is available now, starting at $11 for a 32GB memory card and going up to $55 for the range-topping 256GB model. The relatively low storage limit can be disappointing if you want to keep a large amount of video. However, it must be a large number of dashcams, Bodycams And other cameras where reliability is absolutely vital.

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