Sixers-Heat 3 summary: The masked Joel Embiid returns, helping Philly to victory

Like 76ers Joel Embiid moved from the second-round series to Philadelphia, and Joel Embiid and crotch-cutting ways returned to the match three lineup.

Danny Green got hot from deep, giving the Sixers 21 points. After a slow start, Therese Maxi took the lead late on with 21 points, 88.3 percent from real shooting along with six assists. James Harden got off to a hot start, putting together 17 points along with eight rebounds and six assists, and Embiid finished with 18 points, 11 rebounds, blocks and steals while generally dominant on the defensive end. Here are some instant quick points from Game 3.

first half

  • It was no surprise to see the Sixers appear to be more active since the start of this match than they have been in the previous two games. Edge protection was day and night compared to the previous two games, and the Sixers carried Miami only 17 points in the first quarter and 34 points in the first half.
  • The crime was far from perfect at first. It sure took a while for the senior player to get back into rhythm after a week without any basketball activities, but they were still able to put constant pressure on the Heat defense by driving to the basket. Despite concerns about his conditioning before the match, Embiid’s first bout in the quarter was around 10 minutes, which will usually be when he’s healthy.
  • Seven turnarounds in the first quarter, including four (five if first possession counts in the second quarter) in a row for the end of the quarter, allowed Miami to cut the lead to four despite Philly outperforming the Heat for most of the opening frame. The Sixers also continued to kill on the offensive glass.
  • Due to some legitimate concerns, backup center minutes are fully returned to Paul Reed with Embiid available. While the stretch with Harden and Embiid on the bench was disastrous, the round 9-0 when Harden got back into the game put the Sixers back in the driver’s seat.
  • It was only a matter of time until the Sixers saw any positive drop in shooting in the series. Danny Green’s first half was a huge bounce back from his Game 2 performance, going 3-4 from farther than the arc in the first half. Green had the hot hand all night, finishing 21 points off a 7-9 shot and leading the team in scoring!
  • The Sixers’ attack stalled with Harden off the bench, and that was especially evident with The Beard having to sit out the last two minutes of the half in bad trouble. This problem continued to hobble the Sixers as Harden picked up his fourth foul early in the third.

the other half

  • After a hot start to the half that saw the lead advance to 12, Philly’s attack got really sloppy. They struggled to keep basketball with all the traps Miami sent them, especially with Harden on the bench. Jimmy Butler became really an annoyance in the third stage, with 12 coming from his highest in the game at 33 in the period.
  • It had started a night off for Tyrese Maxey, but his five-point lead at the end of the third quarter could have saved the match. The three stopped off a 20-6 Heat that woke both the Sixers and the crowd back up.
  • The Sixers went to Bball Paul a little later than usual in the second half, letting Embiid start the fourth quarter. This mod worked so well for Philly that they were able to push the bullets back to a seven during this stretch and Embiid would once again have an 11 point lead.
  • If his third quarter saves the match, his fourth run in the last quarter is farther away. Maxi didn’t make a field goal until there were less than three minutes left in the third, but once he did, he made sure to make an impact. The play of running almost downhill and jumping out of bounds was absolutely insane.
  • Right at the end of the game, Embiid made an unintended good headshot from Bam Adebayo. He’ll stay in the game to take his free throws and hopefully nothing serious comes along.

Six players each get a significant win. A 3-0 drop would have been a death sentence. Now if they win Game 4, it will be held in full.