TCU NFL player Jeff Gladney killed in car crash in Dallas


former Fore TCU And the current NFL player Jeff Gladney He was one of two people who died overnight in a car crash in Dallas.

According to ProFootballTalk.comGladney’s Agent Brian Overstreet He said to the foot. Worth Star Telegram that my executioner, 25, was killed in a car accident early Monday morning. The identity of the second person has not yet been confirmed.

“We ask for prayers for family and privacy at this most difficult time,” Overstreet said.

Gladney, of New Boston, Texas, was entering his second season in the league and was recently selected by the Arizona Cardinals after spending His first season in Minnesota.

ProFootballTalk said that my executioner started every Vikings match in his rookie year But he was released Before and after 2021 season Allegedly assaulting a woman in Dallas in April. He did not play in 2021 and A not guilty was found abroad – Then he signed with Arizona.

cardinals, On Twitter on MondayHe said they were devastated when they learned of my torturer’s death and that he had participated in organized group activities last week.

We are shattered by the death of Jeff Gladney. Our hearts are with his family, friends and everyone who mourns this terrible loss.

Arizona Cardinals

TCU said Monday that after Gladney received his degree, he was still a frequent visitor on campus and maintained close ties with the school. Earlier this year, the school said, my executioners attended spring training and a spring game with his young son.

“Our TCU Athletics family, and especially our football program, were extremely devastated to learn of Jeff Gladney’s passing. After receiving his degree and continuing his football career in the NFL, Jeff maintained his close ties with TCU. He loved everything about his alma mater. He was a frequent visitor to campus and was at Spring Practices and Spring Game this year, proudly joined by his young son. Our entire community will miss him. Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences are with Jeff’s family, friends, and TCU teammates.”

While playing with the frogs, Gladney, a preparatory year student, received several honors including Senior Powell’s 2020 Invitational; 2019 Second Team All-American, FWAA; 2019 second All-American, Phil Steele; 2019 first All-Big 12 team; 2019 First AP All-Big 12 Team; 2018 Pro Football Focus First Team Overall 12; 2018 second overall team 12; 2018 Second Team AP All-Big 12; The 2017 Honor – I remember all 12 seniors.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Two people were killed in a car accident in Dallas

NBC5 has learned that Jeff Gladney is one of two people killed in a car crash in Dallas on Sunday night.

The accident occurred along the Woodall Rodgers Service Highway near Allen Street. First responders declared me my executioner, and another person died at the scene.

An investigation into the accident is still underway, but officials say speed may have played a role.

NBC 5 News

A fatal crash killed two people in Dallas early in the morning of Monday, May 30, 2022.

Jeff Gladney Taiz

After news of my executioner’s death, his colleagues joined others in exchanging condolences online.