Ten Celtics and Bucks players will likely meet for the moment in Game 7

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jayson Tatum engaged in an epic side-ball battle during a well-contested series.

Boston – It is a 7 game, where reputation is created and reputation is shattered. Where you make your name, which has more meaning than your fame. Where feats are glorified and mistakes are magnified. Where you move forward or step aside. Where the heroes demand the ball and the others stay out of the limelight.

Sunday marks that moment for the Celtics and Bucks, these two teams that have dragged us through six great basketball games. It heightened the drama and left us wondering if the Eastern Conference Finals — well, the NBA Finals — could be entertaining.

“You’ve got two juggernauts in it,” Celtics guard Marcus Smart said.

Do you want to know how close the semi-finals of this conference are? No one has won two consecutive matches. And forget the series for a moment, how did Boston get the local stadium advantage? Oh, yeah: The Bucks rested players in their last game of the regular season, helping them dodge the nets in the first round. But in the process, the Bucks tied a record with Boston, costing them a chance to host this Game 7 in the second tiebreak. We are here.

“Let’s do it,” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said. “It’s exciting.”

The winner, or rather the survivor, on Sunday can move on, while the loser will surely wonder where everything went wrong. There’s a lot at stake: The Bucks could lose their defending champion status, and the Celtics could lose all the momentum they’ve built since January, when they started winning more than any other team.

“The two best words in basketball are ‘Game 7,'” Celtics goalkeeper Jaylen Brown said.

So: who are the players that most factor in a winner’s win of all? And in what order? Based on how they’ve played the series, here’s a primer on the top 10 people most likely to have a moment and contribute to the cause, starting with the most obvious:

1. Giannis Antikonmo

What else should he do? Giannis has three games 40 points and 10 rebounds In this series alone. He is, by far, the most influential and pivotal Buck of all. He is also the most effective player in the series; This game will be decided largely based on his performance. 50 Pieces is a very real possibility, and the Bucks might need it too, just like they did In the closing match From the NBA Finals last summer. For the Celtics, the trick is to advance whenever Giannis charges toward the edge, either by making offensive fouls or distracting him enough to miss him.

2. Jason Tatum

Chasing History: Giannis and Tatum duel in Game 6

This series is stamped and backed as Tatum’s Superstar Turn; This game could put it well into the shed for today’s greatest gamers. Furthermore, Tatum can become part of Celtic Lore if he offers anything as he did in Game 6 (46 points) and Celtics addvance. Celtic tradition is rich with Game 7 heroes; No need to list them because after 75 years and 16 championships you know who they are. Tatum seems determined not to let anything or anyone stop him from making it to the next round in style.

3. Alhorford

Celtics veteran Al Horford scored 30 points — including 16 in the fourth quarter — to lift Boston to a Game 4 Series win in Milwaukee.

We’ll all be getting whatever Horford has been drinking in the past few weeks because the 35-year-old has come off the cliff (76ers, OKC) to rejuvenate not only his career, but the Celtics in this series. Remember, he gave a fresh cut-off performance in this series, had a monster plunge over Giannis in this series, and shut him down defensively like never before…in this series. Has anyone seen this coming from Big Al? no hand? thought so.

4. Jaylene Brown

Aside from his 1 absent game (4 FGs, 7 TOs), Brown was a solid complement to Tatum and even – for short periods – the top player. He shoots 44.2% from depth, averages 7.2 rebounds and is chasing moments to hurt Milwaukee. If the ball went to him late in Game 7, no one in Boston would hold their breath. And Tatum won’t hesitate to look for him if the double squad arrives; A clear sign of how much he respects Brown. “I expect to be part of a great match,” Brown said on Sunday.

5. Jrue Holiday

NBABreakdown: The amazing Jrue Holiday 5 close-up defense game

It might surprise you to know that Holiday has struggled with the shot in this series, making just 35.3% overall, which is amplified by the absence of sharpshooting guard Chris Middleton. But this shortfall is being lost due to the game-changing plays that Holiday is making at both ends. In this game, he’ll need to be more precise, given the offensive demands on Giannis, as well as trying to slow Tatum. In this sense, he may have the most difficult task of anyone in this game.

6. Marcus Smart

Yes, he had a nasty two-minute stretch late into Game 5 that chased him for a few days, sometimes trying to push his limits offensively, but don’t mess with him: Smart is a reliable two-way player when it matters most. He’s not afraid of the moment, and he’s exactly the kind of player you want in a 7 game. He’ll be needed as a layer of defense against Giannis with leave-in watch. Recovering after collapsing in Game 5, he earned 21 points, five rebounds, seven assists and – perhaps most important – zero turns, a testament to his determination and determination. “I am the heart and soul of this team, and I try to be that for them,” he said.

7. Grant Williams

Here is where it becomes uncertain for the Celtics. Williams played great the first few games, and then dropped off dramatically. The Celtics don’t mind too much if he doesn’t hit the ball (he has two points in his last two games after averaging 11.8 in his first four games) but Williams should avoid making cheap mistakes when Giannis charges the edge. Sure, this is easier said than done. However, Williams’ defensive presence looms large in this outcome.

8. Bobby Portez

Budenholzer made two head-scratchers as coach: why did he keep George Hill on the floor for 19 minutes (instead of Jevon Carter) in Game 6, and why did he give Portes only 15 minutes in losing Game 4? Aside from Giannis, Portis is the Bucks’ most energetic mega man, a frantic rebellious player who proved this with his crucial outing in Game 5. Milwaukee would need him to mix it up, as he did at the time (15 rebounds) and focus on his attack near the edge, Instead of the 3-point line.

9. Pat Connaughton

Grayson Allen was horrible, he missed shots, hurting others more than good. This only elevates Connaughton’s importance to being the designated support scorer, whose success could keep Allen on the bench. Connaughton is a good, decent ground spacer around the basket (he was a former AT&T Slam Dunk racer). He had big moments with the Bucks last summer in the NBA Finals, which is proof that he’s not scared, but he has been in this streak. This is where Middleton’s absence hits hard.

10. Derek White

He averaged 32.1 minutes in his last three games – proof that Boston would put him on the ground, especially in a tight time – after seeing only 21.8 minutes in his first three games. White has been a mixed bag since arriving mid-season; His shot from depth was initially poor (21.6% in his first 17 games in Boston, then 48.6% in the final nine of the regular season) but he’s active, not hiding and looking to score something.

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