Texas can continue to investigate families seeking gender affirming care for their transgender children, state supreme court says

The opinion released on Friday still restricts the state from The investigation of the so-called “farmer” familywhich sued the state in March after the family was investigated by the Department of Family and Protection Services for seeking care for their transgender teen.

Notably, the opinion also denied that Governor Greg Abbott had any legal authority or authority to order the DFPS to investigate these families in the first place.

Gender Confirmation Care It is evidence-based medical care that uses a multidisciplinary approach to help a person transition from their specific gender – defined at birth – to their confirmed gender – the gender one wants to know.

In March, a district court judge in Austin prevented the state from implementing Abbott’s directive by issuing a temporary injunction. The judge said Abbott’s order was “beyond his authority and unconstitutional,” and that a trial date had been set for July.

The state immediately appealed the statewide freeze of the investigations, but lost in the Texas Third Circuit Court of Appeals. While the appeals process continues to play on the facts of the case, the question of whether the state can continue investigations during the legal battle is making its way to the Supreme Court, prompting an opinion on Friday.

Nine alleged investigations into the abuse of minors receiving gender-confirming health care have been opened by the state, Patrick Crimmins, a spokesperson for the Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS), Confirmed to CNN in March.
“It just secured a win for families against the gendered ideology of doctors, big pharma, and clinics trying to ‘change’ innocent, confused children. And SCOTX gave the green light to investigations that had frozen Democratic court cuts,” Paxton tweeted on Friday. “Diverting children through surgery/drugs is abuse and I will do everything in my power to stop it.”
gender affirmation care,

In the new ruling, the Texas Supreme Court also argued that Abbott’s directive to the DFPS “does not indicate legal authority” and does not legally require the DFPS to follow his directives, unlike some of his other executive orders. The Court also emphasized, in its opinion, that Paxton’s opinion does not change the pre-existing law or the statutory obligations of the Personal Data Protection Service.

“The state does not claim in this court that the governor’s letter formally altered the DFPS’s legal obligations, for parents in Texas, or medical professionals in Texas. Nor does it claim that the attorney general’s opinion did so,” the advisory states.

If the DFPS decides to resume investigations into families other than the Doe family, Paul Castillo, senior counsel at Lambda Legal who represents the Doe family, told CNN on Friday that “our position remains illegal.”

According to Castillo, the parties in Doe’s case are due to present their arguments to the Court of Appeals this month and in June.

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spokeswoman Marisa Gonzalez said the DFPS was reviewing the ruling and had “no immediate comment thereafter.”

More than 58,000 transgender youth ages 13 and older across the United States face restrictions on access or proposals, and may soon lose access to gender affirming care, according to the Williams Institute, University of California, Los Angeleswhich conducts independent research on sexual orientation, gender identity law, and public policy.

Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed two bills targeting transgender youth in the state, including one that restricts access to gender-affirming health care for minors.

The Florida Department of Health It advised against providing any gender affirmation care for children and adolescents in guidelines issued in April.
Last year, Republican lawmakers joined Arkansas overrides veto From their ruler to put their own healthcare ban on the books, and I have passed Tennessee Similar ban.