The 2022 NBA Finals: Three reasons the Celtics can beat the Warriors, including Boston’s Stephen Curry catch


with the Boston Celtics‘Game 7 victory over Miami Heat Sunday 2022 NBA The final is set. The Celtics, Oriental Seed No. 2, with a face Golden State Warriorsranked No. 3 in the West.

Match 1 is scheduled for Thursday in San Francisco. The Warriors are preferred (-155 vs. +135 in Boston, according to Caesars Sportsbook), but I take the Celtics at seven. I think they match up well with the Golden State. Here are three areas that the Celtics could work in their favor to exit the 2022 NBA Championship.

1. Celtics switch movement vs Warriors movement

Not only is this Celtics defense arguably the best in recent history, it’s also well-suited to fighting all of Golden State’s off-ball moves. Boston changes everything, making life for it Klay ThompsonAnd the Stephen Curry And the Jordan Paul Tough as it looks to clean up misdirections and screens. This was reflected in the numbers.

The Warriors aren’t a great match-seeking team, which is a good thing, because there’s really no weak link to looking for Boston’s defense (you could argue, perhaps, Grant Williams is in space). It’ll be a tough sled for Warriors to create a consistent, quality look on the half-court. Marcus SmartAnd the Jason TatumAnd the Derek WhiteAnd the Jaylyn Brownall these guys could reasonably annoy Carrie in one-on-one situations, and Alhorford He’s good at defending the periphery, so it doesn’t really matter what match Curry or Paul ends up in in late hour situations.

Golden State will want to act early on the shot clock, but with how well Boston recovers the bowlers, a lot of the property can take longer than the Warriors would like—at which point, Boston’s advantage.

And that’s not to mention Golden State’s penchant for flipping the ball. Boston will put a lot of pressure on the ball. They’re going to chase, multiply, recover, and switch. They will catch the way Miami grabs and holds them. Will the Warriors be able to find enough space over the course of the series to really start their shots? In spurts, of course. But in the long run, I think Boston’s defense is causing a lot of problems for Golden State.

2. Unlock the Season on Steph

Whereas the Celtics do provide a weak defensive link for Warriors to target (depending on the amount of time Payton Pritchard sees in the series), Boston will go straight to Carrie, and Paul will likely go as well.

Boston spent a fair amount of time researching favorite matches against Miami, and the team found success. Golden State handled it well when Luka Doncic Frequently targeting Curry’s latest round with Pick and Rolls; They didn’t want to switch Curry to Doncic entirely because they didn’t want to leave him to defend Tatum or Brown in the finals, so they had the Curry show/hedge on Doncic long enough to stop his momentum so the original defender could recover while Curry raced back to his assignment.

There is a vulnerability in these fractions of seconds of recovery. All this hedges and reinforcements sinking into the driving lanes will unlock secondary shooters and playmakers for Boston, better equipped to punish the Golden State in this respect than Dallas was. Galen Bronson Not Brown, even when you factor in Brown’s inability to dribble coherently at times. Smart, white, all these guys will play a shuffle if they constantly contend with influence in their favour. Boston gets into painting with great success when it’s intent on doing so.

If Tatum, who was great at creating picks for his Game 7 teammates, and Brown are able to use the attention he attracts to prepare his teammates for a clean look, the Warriors, who don’t like team doubling down, would go to have a dilemma on their hands asking Cary and / or Paul to guard straight, while Boston has far fewer defensive pressure points (I’d argue none) for Golden State to press.

3. Size matters

Statistically, the Warriors were a better rebounding team than the Celtics in the post-season, but look at the games. Golden State played a junior Dallas team and a Memphis team would have been without her Stephen Adams for half of the series (when Adams played, he hit them on the glass during his minutes with 12 offensive rebounds over games 4 and 5). Boston had to deal with dollars and Hit, who collide with more force than their small formations would suggest.

In this match, the Celtics – with Horford and depending on Robert Williams’ health – could play more than Golden State, who put in an impressive performance from kevon looney (who completely flipped the script on Adams in Game Interlude 6 with 22 boards including 11 attacks to just one for Adams) but it’s clear he’s going to get small with Draymond Green In the five often.

Nobody in the Celtics catches offensive rebounds like Adams does, but even so, if Looney has to play big minutes to keep Boston in control, that dampens Golden State’s attacking power, and in fact, how many minutes can Looney score in a fight Horford and Monday Williams over the seven-game series? Also, Horford will greatly extend my chromaticity away from painting in large individual assortments.

It’s obvious that Draymond Green is going to put up a fight and Andrew Wiggins It’s a solid positional rebound (as is Curry), and the Warriors are more than able to hold their own or even win the rebound in this match (the offensive rebound wasn’t hard to anticipate with all the long rebounds from 3-point shots).

But Boston, on paper, has a chance to assert some physical dominance on the boards (with the understanding that it will try to balance a return to relocation to locate the Golden State bowlers). And if so, the creation of consistent second chance opportunities, combined with the volume of bi-directional ocean that Boston is so proud of, add more than one streak in a big way.