The teacher locked the open door before the Uvald School shooting: Police


The outside door of Robb Elementary School was not locked when the teacher closed it shortly after Before a gunman uses it to enter and kill 19 students and two teachersState police said Tuesday, leaving investigators searching to find out the cause.

State police initially said a teacher opened the door shortly before the shooter entered the school in Ovaldi, Texas, on May 24.

Travis Considine, the university’s chief communications officer, said they have now determined that the teacher, who was not identified, backed the door with a stone, but removed the boulder and closed the door when she realized there was a shooter on campus. Texas Department of Public Safety. But, Considine said, the door didn’t close.

“We checked that she locked the door. The door didn’t lock. We know that very well and now investigators are looking into why it didn’t lock.”

Illustrative image of Robb Elementary School being transferred to a 3D model.

Andrew Williams/NBC; Getty Images

Illustrative image of Robb Elementary School being transferred to a 3D model. Click to explore.

Investigators confirmed the details through additional video footage reviewed since last Friday’s news conference when authorities first said the door had been left open. The authorities at the time did not say what was used to support the opening of the door.

Considine said the teacher initially opened the door but ran back inside to get her phone and call 911 when the gunman smashed his truck into the campus.

She came outside while on her phone, and she heard someone shout, ‘He has a gun! ‘, she saw him jump off the fence and had a gun on him, so she ran inside, removing the boulder when she did, said Considine.

San Antonio attorney Don Flannari told the San Antonio Express News that the Robb Elementary School employee, who was not named, closed the door after realizing the gunman was at large. The lawyer said she had initially opened the door to take the food from the car to the classroom.

“She kicked the rock away when she got back inside,” Flannary told the newspaper. “She remembers closing the door while telling 911 he was shooting.”

Funerals are scheduled for the next two and a half weeks for the 19 children and two teachers killed in that class on May 24.

“I thought the door would be closed because the door is always supposed to be closed,” Flannary said.

Flannary did not immediately respond with phone messages that the Associated Press left in his office.

Investigators are also still trying to interview Pete Arredondo, chief of police at Yuvaldi Unified Independent School, who state police said was the leader of the school shooting as it occurred.

Stephen Macro, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Arredondo treated the energetic scene as a hostage situation as if the children were no longer in danger, while 19 police officers waited in the school hallway outside the classroom where the shooter was. .

Macro called it a “wrong decision,” saying the focus of the investigation had shifted to Arredondo and the police response.

Other officers in Uvald and police department schools continue to sit down for interviews and testify, but Arredondo No response to DPS requests for 2 daysConsidine said.