The Uvald School District Police Chief will not be sworn in on Tuesday as a city council meeting for funerals has been postponed


“Our focus on Tuesday is on our families who have lost loved ones,” Mayor Don McLaughlin said in a statement Monday. “We begin burying our children tomorrow, the innocent victims of last week’s murders at Robb Elementary School. The special city council meeting will not take place as scheduled.”

During the massacre, children in classrooms called 911 repeatedly, begging for help.

At a news conference Friday, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Colonel Stephen McCraw confirmed that the Ovaldi School District Police Chief is the official who make the decision Not busting the classroom – although McCraw did not identify Arredondo by name.

“Pit Arredondo has been duly elected to the city council,” the mayor’s statement continued. “There is nothing in the city charter, election law, or Texas constitution that prevents him from taking the oath. To our knowledge, we are not currently aware of any investigation with Mr. Arredondo.”

What we know about the victims at Robb Elementary School

According to the school district, Arredondo has nearly three decades of law enforcement experience.

The school district’s Board of Trustees approved Arredondo to head the department in 2020. District Manager, Hal Harrell, said in a Facebook post at the time the board was “confident in our selection and impressed with his experience, knowledge, and community involvement.”

In March, Arredondo posted on Facebook that his department was hosting “active shooting training” at Uvalde High School in an effort to prepare local law enforcement to respond to “any situation that might arise.”

On Sunday, the Department of Justice announced that it would conduct a review of law enforcement’s response to the mass shootings.

CNN’s Kurt Devin contributed to this report.