These features make Meta Quest 2 even better

The Meta Quest 2 It is one of those rare products that is constantly improving. Part of this has to do with the hardware, which has received several useful updates since we reviewed it in late 2020, including 120Hz refresh rate support for some games, Air Link to wirelessly connect to a gaming PC, and more. Even better, the Meta shows no signs of slowing down the pace of updates.

But just as important to the long-term success of Quest 2 are the intriguing ways the VR community has tweaked aspects of hardware or made its own software with the goal of going beyond what’s usually possible in a VR-ready Quest 2.

In this video, I dive into a handful of those tips and tricks, at the software and hardware level, that have greatly expanded my personal enjoyment with the Quest 2. Some of them are paid upgrades to raise the level of comfort or sound quality or make it easier to recharge, to name a few. limitation. But many of them are free to try for yourself. So whether you’ve owned one of these headphones since day one or are thinking of getting one, I hope they can help you achieve more headphones as well.

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