Visitors to Yellowstone National Flood National Park aren’t allowed to dampen their vacation plans


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Yellowstone National Park – The easiest way to make friends in a national park is to offer to take pictures of them.

“1, 2, 3, keep smiling!” KSL-TV’s Alex Cabrero told families at the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park. “There, thumbs up, a great picture.”

This was the least he could do because many of them had come from far away just to see Yellowstone.

because of Flood damage to the parkthey cannot enter.

“We came from Indiana – 1,700 miles, so far. We got to Bozeman and discovered the park was closed,” said Scott and Laurie Taylor.

This flood was enough to extinguish even the best-laid plans.

The park’s north ring likely won’t open again this season. Most of the damage to the roads is in this part of the park. However, there is a chance that the southern ring will open sometime next week.

It’s too late for most people, because this was their week on vacation.

“Absolutely unexpected. Disappointing, but we made the most of it,” said Scott Carrera.

Carrera, his wife and two of their friends made the trip to Yellowstone from North Carolina.

Although they were unable to enter the park, their laughter and smiles were proof that they were still on their way to making the most of their trip.

“You still have to have fun,” Carrera said. “We took advantage of some of the surrounding areas here in West Yellowstone. We’ve already seen some wildlife on Interstate 20 near Lake Henry, so it’s still a great ride.”

Even though no one has ever been able to get into Yellowstone, any national park fan will tell you – if you take a picture next to an entry sign, it still counts you’ve been there.

“That’s right. We were here,” Taylor’s family laughed.

“Exactly,” Carrera said. “It shows we were here.”

It’s not the memories they were expecting, but it’s still memories of a trip that everyone who came to Yellowstone this week won’t forget.

“With this picture of the Yellowstone banner, everybody had it, but this year, you have to have the whole story with pictures of the flood and why you can’t,” said Roy Mills. “Every time someone talks about this trip, you’ll say, ‘Oh yeah, this is the year they witnessed the Flood and it was unbelievable.'”

The Mills family was on a visit from Pennsylvania, and for them, this is just a change of vacation plans.

They say that their hearts are with those who are not here on vacation.

“We feel so bad for all the people who have experienced this whole disaster with Yellowstone – the people who live here, the people who have suffered the damage,” Kristi Mills said. “We’re still having a great time, but when we leave, they’re still here picking up the pieces.”


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