Wayne LaPierre was re-elected as Chair of the NRA at the Beleaguered Convention


Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, has been overwhelmingly re-elected to his position as head of the controversial gun rights organization, amid national outrage over gun violence. There was at least 11 mass shootings in the United States Over Memorial Day weekend, less than a week after Massacre in Ovaldi, Texas, which left 21 people dead, many of them young students. The NRA convention took place over the weekend despite enthusiastic calls to cancel out of respect for recent tragedies; Earlier this month, 10 people were killed with racial motives Mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. Several artists withdrew from the convention, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott canceled his appearance. Former President Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the event in Houston. “I am honored to continue my work for the NRA, and to join our members in their campaign to promote responsible gun ownership and defend Second Amendment freedom for all law-abiding Americans,” LaPierre said in a statement following his re-election.

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