Your Galaxy S22 may have lost more than half its value since you bought it

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Plus Camera module green on green

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

tl; DR

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 range drops over 47% in resale value versus the Google Pixel 6 range by 42% and the iPhone 13 series by 16%.
  • The Galaxy S22 Plus has lost nearly 58% of its value in the two months since its launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Phones may not be worth much after a few months of buying them. According to a study conducted by sell cell (free ZDNet), a popular smartphone trading website in the US, Samsung’s current flagships could lose half their value in just one month.

SellCell used internal data to analyze depreciation values ​​for iPhone 13, Galaxy S22, and Pixel 6 lines within the first two months of its release. All appliances were deemed ‘like new’ or ‘in good condition’.

The results showed a sharp decline in the Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6 duo range.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 group lost the most value on average, with 51.1% in (good) and 46.8% (like new). It was followed by the Pixel 6’s range at 43.5% (good) and 41.5% (like new), and the iPhone 13’s at just 16.4% and 19.1%.

Selling Cellular Smartphone Price Reduction Scheme

More specifically, the . file Galaxy S22 Plus With 128GB of storage it came out as the worst performer. According to the report, the value of the S22 Plus in good condition drops by an astronomical 57.5%, while the new value drops almost by 53.8%. That’s a loss of $574.99 for what I paid for the phone.

Google’s worst performer turned out to be the 256GB Pixel 6 Pro version. It depreciated 47.9% (good) and 45.7% (like new) two months after its launch. That’s a loss of $479.00 in cash.

Selling Cellular Smartphone Depreciation Chart

The phone that has held most of its value is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It saw a single digit drop of 4.7% (good) and 3.8% (like new) – a maximum cash loss of just $52 since launch.